Thursday, August 30, 2007

...The Aly interview...part 2 Miss Aly wanted me to ask her some more questions and put them on the blog. So, why goes.

What can you tell me about God? Well, he lives in heaven and Jesus is with him there. Igma and Hunny are there too. I think it is a good place that he lives in.
What is your favorite TV show? Um...Little Bear because I like seeing the talking duck and talking cat and owl and bears...which is Little Bear. It's on Noggin
What is your favorite time of day? Um...when we go to the Merry Go Round. I love to ride the horses.
Who is your favorite person? Well, Daddy is my favorite person ever. I like when he makes up stories and I like when he does stuff nice for me. He is the best Daddy ever.
What do you think about adoption? I don't know yet...I get back to you. It is good, however. I just don't know how to put it into English yet.
Which do you like better...rainy days or sunny days? Sunny days when I can go to the Merry Go Round because I like to go to the Merry Go Round.
Which do you like better...breakfast, lunch or dinner? Breakfast because I like to eat what Mommy makes for me. It is good stuff.
What is your favorite part of bedtime? It's when Dad turns on "On Demand" and I can watch Little Bear or when he turns on the Cooking Channel and I can watch Alton Brown because he does stuff funny. I like Paula Deen too because she cooks good and says nice stuff.
What does Love mean? It means...I don't know how to say's just love.
Is there anything else you want to say? No...I just don't know anymore than that.

Well, there you have it.
I asked Lili if she had anything she wanted to say. She came running over and said, "Yeah". that was all she could come up with. Oh well...she will be overflowing with words soon if her current babbling is any indication!!!!

Have a great evening...go make lots of memories with your spouses and children today!!

In HIS Mighty Grip...


OziMum said...

Great interview! A girl that knows just what she likes!!!

I would say the "I love my Daddy, he is the best Daddy ever" also answers the adoption question!!!

:) Great post!
Thanks for sharing!
in Australia

Shelley said...

I think you are right Lee-Anne!!!! Question answered!!!