Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Daddy's home!!!! Daddy's home!!!!!

Holy cow...you have NEVER seen two more excited little ones as Aly and Lili were when their Daddy drove in the driveway earlier today!!! Lili started running down the driveway with her arms in the air yelling, "Daddydaddydaddydaddy" Aly just kept jumping up and down and screaming "Daddy's home Daddy's home Daddy's home!"
Forget letting him get out of the car, they dove in the door after him. Bailey (the dog) wasn't much better!!! Hugs, kisses and licks (from Bailey) were on the menu and David ordered seconds and thirds and fourths of them all. :-)
Poor thing is coughing his guts out and they were all so tired from driving all night. Charlie said that it was the longest drive of his life. They have been trying to stay awake all afternoon so that they would sleep tonight, but they didn't have too much luck.
The girls were quite happy to get some more toys from home and their toy chest to hold them all. They were able to make a dent in getting some of our stuff down here...albeit a small dent. It is nice to finally have the highchair and some kids bowls and some of our personal stuff. Now we get to start rearranging this house and clearing out some space for us here.
Tomorrow I am leaving the girls with Daddy and Poppi (my dad) and I am heading back to SC to return our two helpers (our nephew and a good friend of his). 5 hours there and 5 hours back...whew!!
Please keep the prayers coming...for David to get rid of this cough and start to feel better, for safe travels for me tomorrow, for the energy to get done all that has to be done before we head back to TN for more stuff in a few weeks, for Daddy as he continues to deal with all the change in his world right now.
Thanks again to everyone for all the good wishes, emails , calls of encouragement and continued prayer for our family. We couldn 't have survived any of this without it all!!!!

In HIS Mighty Grip

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