Saturday, August 11, 2007

You won't even believe if I tell you.... today was Mom's memorial service. It was just what she would have wanted. Not to much, not too over the top, but very very nice. Lots of music, laughter and a gathering of many friends and family to celebrate the life of my mother. After the service, the church had a luncheon for us in the fellowship hall. We made it home in the afternoon sometime.

Shortly after we got home, put all the food away, peeled all of our totally wet clothes (great golly it was hot today...we were all soaking wet!!) and began to get settled down from the days events, the phone rang. My cousin (Dad's brother's son) called. He asked where we had been and said that he had been trying to get us since after the memorial service. He said that he was glad I answered the phone and he would leave it to me to tell my dad. After the service he had gone to his Dad's house to let him know how the service went. (My uncle is old and sickly and wasn't able to attend). Anyway, when he got to his Dad's house he found him dead. Yes, you read that right...MY DAD'S BROTHER DIED TODAY...THE SAME DAY THAT HE MEMORIALIZED HIS WIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How much more Lord????

My uncle has been sick for sometime. By all rights he should have died several years ago, but he continued to hang on. I do not understand God's timing in this. A few minutes after we broke the news to Daddy he said, "This is just like when Dad and Curtis died" That would be his father (my G-father) and his older brother (my uncle). They both died within four hours of each other of totally unrelated causes when I was in the 9th grade. It was a total nightmare. Anyway, Dad did seem to take it pretty well, but I continue to worry for him. This has been a very overwhelming few weeks for my precious Dad...please continue to lift him up in prayer!!

David is heading back to our home the first of the week to begin the process of selling off furniture of ours that we won't need and packing up our stuff and bringing the first load of essentials back to us here in Florida. This is going to be a touch few months until we can get all of our stuff under one roof. There is a lot that has to happen here at my Dad's house before we can bring all of our stuff here too. A lot of rearranging and getting rid of stuff. It is going to be very wierd rearranging my parents has looked basically like this for most of my life.
Please continue to lift us all up as we struggle through these times. A lot of changes to deal with and a lot of changes coming down the pike.
In HIS Mighty Grip~


Allison said...

Many many hugs to you and your entire family. Are y'all going to move to FL to be with your dad or are you just going to stay there for a while?

Val said...

Oh, my. I'm so sorry. Again. I'm sure you're wondering how much more could be borne. We will continue to pray for you. Are your plans to move in and care for your father for a length of time?