Thursday, May 29, 2008

Now listen, you who say...

Now listen, you who say, "Today or tomorrow we will go to this or that city, spend a year there, carry on business and make money." Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes. Instead, you ought to say, "If it is the Lord's will, we will live and do this or that." As it is, you boast and brag. All such boasting is evil.
James 4:13-16 If it is the Lord's will, we will be heading to South Carolina tomorrow to remove one of the many Black Clouds that has been following us around for so long. We hope to close on David's mother's house sometime tomorrow or perhaps Monday...we are hoping that God's will would say TOMORROW!!! But that remains to be seen.
Please continue to pray for us as we will need traveling mercies to drive for 5 hours with Aly in the car. Her max car seat time the neighborhood of about 8.2 minutes on a good day. That leaves a LOT of time for her to scream and meltdown between here and Columbia!!!!
She does better if she has her DVD player to occupy her, the moment...I have NO IDEA where it is. GREAT!!!!! She doesn't know it is missing yet...I don't think I will bring it up before we go.
Anyway, then we are on up the road a ways to go visit some dear friends in Johnson City for a few days. We can't go as far as Columbia and not go on up to TN. keep those prayers going.
Prayer request:
1-that we have no more trouble with the woman who is supposed to be buying the house...she has been a ROYAL PAIN
2-that all T's have been crossed and all I's dotted on both ends so there are no hangups
3- that the girls will travel well
4-that we will all be safe and remain healthy for the duration!!!
5- that the rest of our collection of little black clouds will STAY HOME and give us a break!!!!
In HIS Mighty Grip

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fashion diva already??????

I sent Aly to get dressed a little while ago. I stopped by her room a few minutes later to see if she had found anything yet. She hadn't so I grabbed a pair of denim shorts for her to put on. She did, and while she was removing her night shirt, I grabbed a shirt out of the top drawer for her to put on. It was your basic pink shirt...a play shirt...nothing go with her denim shorts.

As she reached for the shirt, she looked at me with utter disbelief and with as much drama as she could muster said, "This is it?!!!!! This is what you want me to wear?!!!!" A little confused, I replied, "Um...yes? Do you have a problem with this shirt?" she let out a heavy sigh, slapped her hand to her forehead and began shaking her head back and forth. "MOM...this shirt is PINK! There is no BLUE in it anywhere! My shorts are BLUE jeans!!!" I said, "Aly...they are denim...they go with anything!" to which she replied, "MOOOOOOOOMMMMMMM (as if to note that she can't believe her mother is so ignorant!!!) they are BLUE!!"

(note: those of you who know me know that I will put up with attitude for about a half rest assured she was not throwing off a 'tude...she was just expressing something so far beyond where i thought we were at four years old!!!!)

At this point I am blinking my eyes rather quickly...thinking back through the events of the morning, wondering where I started the black out that mysteriously transported me forward in time so as to better understand that this could not POSSIBLY be my FOUR year old saying this to me!!! Surely I missed a HUGE chunk of time and this is my EIGHT year old!!!!!

I was utterly and thoroughly thrown off my game. I folded the shirt and put it back in the drawer and pulled out another that had tiny tiny little blue flowers mixed in with the other assorted colors, etc. I held it up and said, "Um...would this do?" she smiled that stunning smile and said, "Yes, Mom...that is much better!!! Thanks!!"

my little fashionista apparently on her way to see the Queen!!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

My purse ... has been sad and depressing around here for too long...on to some other stuff!!!

MY PURSE! um...well that could be cosidered rather sad and depressing, but I digress...

Before we moved to Florida last year, my "purse" was the Land's End Do-It All diaper bag. Holy cow!! It is awesome, holds everything including the kitchen sink, but it is a monster!!

Before my Mom passed away last year she made the comment to me that I needed a purse now...not a diaper bag. I reminded her that Lili was still only 1 and in diapers, but she said that I needed to find something else because I needed to start carrying a purse again and not that big diaper bag everywhere. Her comment was, "Yes, but you are more than a are a woman too and you need to have a purse not just a diaper bag". She suggested that I find some sort of "Mom bag" that could contain all the essentials for my two girls, but could also contain my purse. Whatever Mom...but I do understand your point!! So, the first quest began.

She had just ordered from somewhere...okay wild guess here, but I'm thinking QVC!!!! Anyway it was a neat little bag that went from small to large with the zip of a zipper. I thought...COOL...I can leave it unzipped when I need to put the girls stuff in it and zip it up when it is just me. AWESOME...dilema solved!!! here it is:

here it is unzipped as the large version

here is the smaller version. I left it partially unzipped so you could see what I mean.
I have been using this since last summer. Well...actually I have been frustrated with it for about 5-6 months now. It just isn't working.
Here are my points of contention:
1- it looks as though it has great big shoulder straps, but in reality it is very difficult to keep it on my shoulder and when it falls off and into my hand, it actually drags the ground. NOT good!!
2- It is very bottom heavy...that would be because EVERYTHING falls to the bottom of the bag. It is like a bottomless pit!!! There are some pockets inside toward the top, but because the fabric is so flimsy and thin, stuff falls out of the pockets and into the bottomless pit when the top of the bag falls over. REALLY NOT good!!
3- The mouth of the bag doesn't open very wide and again, is very flimsy when you are trying to get something out of it. Not at all good when I have Lili in one hand and need to find something one handed. It just isn't possible!!
4- on the up side, this would make a good bag to travel with because it expands, but it isn't very practical to use as a Mom Bag.
I have not really used it very much lately and am about to lose my mind!!! Surely I can find something!!
*I want something that is sturdy, but doesn't look like diaper bag.
*It needs to be big enough and have an opening big enough to put in several "organizer bags" of some for the girls stuff, one for my "purse". That way I can just grab and go with what I need.
*It needs to be able to fit on my shoulder and stay there, yet not dragging the ground if I have the strap in my hand.
*A light colored interior is a plus ( for ease of finding stuff) but not a must have.
*It needs to be relatively inexpensive!!! I WILL NOT pay BIG BUCKS for a purse!!! That is insane!!! Who has the money for that!!! :-)
Okay...I'm open for suggestions. I want to see what you use, too!! Leave me a post with a link to your site and a post about your purse!!! Tell me what works and what doesn't. Take pictures. I need ideas people. If I need ideas, then surely I'm not the only one!!!!
Can't wait to see how you all carry your "Mom and baby" stuff around!!! :-)


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Please Pray...very sad news!

Please pray for the Steven Curtis Chapman family today. Their youngest daughter, Maria, died late Wednesday in a tragic accident. There simply are no words. I cannot even imagine the depth of grief they are experiencing today.
Maria , age 5, was their youngest daughter and she was also their third child adopted from China.
May God wrap them in his arms today and give them the peace that ONLY HE can give in times like these!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

training your's a wonderful thing!!

I have been working with both Aly and Lili on so many different areas lately. They have both been memorizing scripture, the girls both help me with laundry, Aly has been making her bed, Lili has been working towards that by "making her crib" each morning. It is precious...she puts her blanket over the rail and sets her boo blanket and her bear, Ed, up in the corner and then throws her hands up and says, "All made Momma." Anyway, several times each day we do a quick 5 minute clean up of the living room area. Of course, being 2 and 4, they can trash a room in no time flat!!! So, we set the timer for 5 minutes and I help them to "see" the things that need to be done. We pick up and dispose of any trash, put away the coloring books, put the crayon tub under the coffee table, return any shoes or clothes to their proper place , take any cups to the kitchen, fix the pillows and throws on the couch and the big chair , and finally run the little sweeper vac over the main traffic area. We have been doing this routine for several months and I was really beginning to wonder if I would ever reap any reward! Lili is only two, but I was hoping that Aly would at least be able to see what needed to be done and I wouldn't have to walk her through it quite so much.

Fast forward to this morning...I was getting Lili up and dressed this morning and Aly was...well, I didn't have a clue where Aly was. She flitted through a couple of times, but I honestly had no idea what she was up to. When we finished and came into the living room, she was busy as a bee cleaning up the water she had spilled in the kitchen and I was so focused on that til I didn't even notice the living room. Finally the poor child had to say something like, "Um Mom? Did you look at the living room when you came through? Did you even notice???" ( she was quite over the fact that I hadn't noticed!) Anyway, I paused and looked into the living room and about fell over!!! There were no crayons on the floor OR on the coffee a matter of fact there was NOTHING on the coffee table except a few very very neat stacks of magazines. There were no cups anywhere, the couch was all straightened...pillows fluffed in their correct place. there were a few cups left on the small table by our recliner and she hadn't run the sweeper vac, but I was definately doing the HAPPY DANCE as I realized that all the days of walking her through it are really paying off!!!!

I turned to her and gushed and hugged her and told her what a wonderful job she did. She said that she came in the living room while I was getting Lili dressed and she noticed that the living room needed to be picked up so she thought she would help me out by handleing it herself. WHOOO HOOOOO!!!!! YOU GO GIRL!!!!!! Thats my little pumpkin head!!!!!
Now...if we can just get this freak who is buying David's mom's house to stop making more psycho demands and set a date for closing, then it will be a happy day!!!! :-)
In HIS Mighty Grip

Thursday, May 15, 2008

As if...

we have nothing else to do and nothing else going on right now!!!! We are one of the lucky families who had their homeowners insurance canceled here in Florida right before hurricane season!! (Of course we are...our little black cloud follows us everywhere and effects everyone around us!!!)
Anyway, when my dad tried to get new insurance...quick like...before the existing policy was terminated...we were told that nobody would insure us unless we first put a new roof on the house!!! So...

Gotta love those big dumpsters sitting slap in the middle of the front yard!!

We listened to framming and bamming all afternoon yesterday and they were back bright and bushy tailed this morning at 7:40 AM!!!

this is my favorite part...they have a generator, a microwave and a tv in the back of one of their trucks. During lunch you can find them out there watching who knows what and heating up their food. It is hilarious!!!
Anyway, they are supposed to be done sometime tomorrow. The poor dog is about to have a nervous breakdown!! :-)
Here are a couple of pics of Aly making my Mother's Day card. She did such a good job. She gets so serious about stuff like this!!! :-)

I just love catching pictures like this. Can you feel the love??? Oh, how I pray they stay close as they get older!

My poor David. He got 2nd degree burns on his head over the weekend when we went swimming. By the next day not only was his scalp swollen, but his eyes began to swell too!! He is much better now, but he was pitiful for a few days there!!

Those are cuff bracelts hanging from their noses. I don't know...a picture just seemed like the thing to do at the time. :-) those are the pictures for the day.
We are still living in the chaos of the last few weeks. I thought we were beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel, but just a few minutes ago, we had yet ANOTHER shoe drop and slap us in the head.
So here I sit, with the constant hammering going on above my head as they continue to work on the roof, and from the bedroom I hear David and Lili laughing their heads off as he tickles her mercilessly!! She absolutely loves it and he loves doleing it out! Thank you God that he is able to laugh after the most recent phone call!! God is good and he continues to sustain us. I don't know how, but he does!!!
Thanks for all of your continued prayers!!
In HIS Mighty Grip

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

trying to be thankful today...a note to God

Dear God...So much crashing much not making many questions...why God?

Thank you for the trials!
Thank you for the upheaval!
Thank you for the confusion!
Thank you for the tension!
Thank you for the heartache!
Thank you for the tears!
Thank you for the fear!
Thank you for the pit in the center of my stomach!
Thank you for the black cloud that is bearing down on us!
Thank you for the feelings of utter despair and not knowing what next round of heartache tomorrow will bring!!
Thank you for not letting us drop dead in the middle of it from the shear stress!

I know it will all bring you glory some how...some time... I wish I knew the outcome.

I wish I knew when it would end.

But I thank you in the meantime!!

Thank you for the email from someone that I will get telling me how all that we have endured over the last 19 months has sustained them through something!! I guess that is your purpose in all of this. I hope that it is at least part of it!!!

Have mercy on me, O God, have mercy on me, for in you my soul takes refuge. I will take refuge inthe shadow of your wings until this disaster has passed. I cry out to God Most High, to God, who fulfills his purpose for me!
Psalms 57:1-2

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who love your name may rejoice in you. For surely, O Lord, you bless the righteous; you surround them with your favor as with a shield. Psalms 5:11-12

But you are a sheild around me O Lord; you bestow glory on me and lift up my head. To the Lord I cry alooud, and he answers me from his Holy hill. I lie down and sleep; I wake again, because the Lord sustains me . Psalms 3:3-5

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day ...

This was not my first "Mother's day", but certainly my first days as a Mother. Days I will never forget...days I will always cherish...days that mean more to me that almost any other in my life. Sweet, precious days that I will marinate in as long as I have breath!

It was like we had known each other for our whole lifetime

Mother and daughter

bonding over a bottle of milk

who are you and how did you know how to get into my heart?

Moments after being handed our baby girl!

Then, as if once were not enough...God blessed me again. Motherhood was different this time. There were not the sweet blissful days of bonding this go around...there was too much else going on in our lives at the same time. But, God was gracious none the less and He took me down that road again. He gave this little one the keys to my heart along with Aly and the journey began for me as the Mother of two precious gifts from God!
Moments after being handed our TigerLili. She still thought she was visiting!! Look tears!

Poor little munchkin...cried her eyes out for hours! There was no consoling her.

getting to know one another.

I'm smiling Mom...really...I just haven't figured out how to let it out yet.

See...I told you I was smiling!

Silly face!

Lili LIVED in this carrier for the whole trip. It was about the only place where she wouldn't cry.
I am so thankful that God chose to make me a mother in this way. To take me to the other side of the world to gather my children in my arms. I never imagined it would happen this way. But to know that I chose them...much as HE chose me...makes it just that much more speical. I am very thankful also to two women whom God used to make this dream a reality for me. Those women are the one's who carried my babies for 9 months and who gave birth to them. I think of them most every day...we will always be connected in a most special way!

To all of the mother's who are reading this...mother's who are still waiting to hold their precious babies, or who already have them in your arms. Whether they came to your heart and your life by way of the Doctor, the midwife or the United flight attendant...I wish you a most blessed Mother's Day! I wish you a day filled with all the memories of how God chose to make you a Mother and of how He chooses to bless your life with those children every day since.

Happy Mother's Day!!
"For you created my inmost being; you
knit me together in my mother's womb.
I praise you because I am
fearfully and wonderfully made; your works
are wonderful, I know that full well.
My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the
secret place. When I was woven together in the
depths of the earth, your
eyes saw my unformed body. All the days ordained for
me were written
in your book before one of them came to be. "
Psalm 139:13-16

Friday, May 9, 2008

My Little Bumblebee

This past Sunday it was my pleasure and honor to sit in church and cry like a big baby watch my beautiful daughter sing in her children's choir spring musical. She , and close to 100 other little ankle biters angels were all dressed up like bumble bees while they performed "Obedient Bee". It was a short musical about being obedient to those in charge over us...our parents and most specifically God.

I had attended the dress rehearsal the day before and was so excited to go see the performance, but I was totally thrown by the fact that I cried my eyes out for most of it! I'm just sentimental like that I guess. My baby is quickly growing up and I don't think I can take it!! She was definately the most beautiful bee in the hive!

How on earth did she get so big? How did she get so grown up? I swear...I blinked and now she is four!!!

She was so precious the other night when I was putting Lili to bed. She chased us down the hall and said, "WAIT...I haven't prayed for Lili!"
After she prayed I told Lili to come on and let me put her pajama's on. Aly jumped in and said, "Mom, I want to put her pj's on" I told her that was fine, but I had to change her diaper first. Aly stood up much taller than her 4 years of age, threw her little hands on her hips and said, "Mom, I AM the big sister. Don't you think I should KNOW this stuff?" I said, "Do you want to change her diaper too?" to which she replied, "Uh...YES!"
Well... have at it Miss Thang!!!

So, she laid Lili on the floor, changed her diaper as well as I can do it and started putting her pj's on! I was blown away! After a minute or two Lili started giving her a hard time and she finally had enough. She stuck that finger out in Lili's face and let her have it! "Look Lili...I'm trying to get you dressed...the least you can do is cooperate with me!" Oh have had my camera to capture it all!

Well, here are a few more pictures of the girls for you to enjoy...

In HIS Mighty Grip

Sunday, May 4, 2008

"Oh No!!!! She's awake!"

Okay...I believe that the time has come to fight fire with fire. My new mantra is ...

"Live life in such a way that when your feet hit the floor each morning, satan shudders & says...

Keep those prayers coming!!!!!


Friday, May 2, 2008

Just how essential is prayer?

Well, let me tell you...absolutely nothing has changed as far as what is going on right now. Nothing has changed...except that we have friends praying for us and it is amazing how much less hopeless and desperate I feel today. Just having God's arms wrapped around me in the form of prayers that so many of you have sent up makes such a difference!! We feel your prayers in a mighty way...and for that I am so grateful!! Thank you...please don't stop now!

Stress is a mighty force to be reckoned with for sure...especially when it continues to build and build and there is no way to relieve that pressure.

David and I were talking last night and we came to a pretty big realization. Last summer, when we lost both of our mothers ... something changed. We no longer had EITHER ONE of our mothers praying for us. Both of our Moms were mighty prayer warriors and they lifted our little family up each and every day. They were our very own little Intercessory Prayer team!! That prayer covering was ripped away and it made a huge impact on us. We didn't even realize that until yesterday. Wow...what a concept! But what does that really mean?? Anyone out in Blogland have any thoughts on this? I would love to hear what you think!!

I think I am going to go do a little digging on this subject and see what I can come up with. I welcome your thoughts on any of this by the way!!

Anyway, please don't stop praying for us. Please continue to pray for David's sanity and ability to make the right decisions in this. Pray for clear direction for him to guide our family out of this maze.

Thank you!!!

In HIS Mighty Grip~