Friday, May 9, 2008

My Little Bumblebee

This past Sunday it was my pleasure and honor to sit in church and cry like a big baby watch my beautiful daughter sing in her children's choir spring musical. She , and close to 100 other little ankle biters angels were all dressed up like bumble bees while they performed "Obedient Bee". It was a short musical about being obedient to those in charge over us...our parents and most specifically God.

I had attended the dress rehearsal the day before and was so excited to go see the performance, but I was totally thrown by the fact that I cried my eyes out for most of it! I'm just sentimental like that I guess. My baby is quickly growing up and I don't think I can take it!! She was definately the most beautiful bee in the hive!

How on earth did she get so big? How did she get so grown up? I swear...I blinked and now she is four!!!

She was so precious the other night when I was putting Lili to bed. She chased us down the hall and said, "WAIT...I haven't prayed for Lili!"
After she prayed I told Lili to come on and let me put her pajama's on. Aly jumped in and said, "Mom, I want to put her pj's on" I told her that was fine, but I had to change her diaper first. Aly stood up much taller than her 4 years of age, threw her little hands on her hips and said, "Mom, I AM the big sister. Don't you think I should KNOW this stuff?" I said, "Do you want to change her diaper too?" to which she replied, "Uh...YES!"
Well... have at it Miss Thang!!!

So, she laid Lili on the floor, changed her diaper as well as I can do it and started putting her pj's on! I was blown away! After a minute or two Lili started giving her a hard time and she finally had enough. She stuck that finger out in Lili's face and let her have it! "Look Lili...I'm trying to get you dressed...the least you can do is cooperate with me!" Oh have had my camera to capture it all!

Well, here are a few more pictures of the girls for you to enjoy...

In HIS Mighty Grip


Susan said...

Looks like she "Bee-haved" "Bee-U-T-fully"!

prechrswife said...

There are those precious girls! It looks like the program went great, and I love the story about Aly getting Lili dressed for bed. That is priceless!

OziMum said...

Aaawwww - beeeeeautiful!

I love that Aly HAD to pray with Lili first! My kids are a bit like that too! (and then they argue about who's going to pray first!!!... just in case you were thinking I raised perfect angels!!!)


a Tonggu Momma said...

What a precious post! Happy Mother's Day!