Thursday, May 15, 2008

As if...

we have nothing else to do and nothing else going on right now!!!! We are one of the lucky families who had their homeowners insurance canceled here in Florida right before hurricane season!! (Of course we are...our little black cloud follows us everywhere and effects everyone around us!!!)
Anyway, when my dad tried to get new insurance...quick like...before the existing policy was terminated...we were told that nobody would insure us unless we first put a new roof on the house!!! So...

Gotta love those big dumpsters sitting slap in the middle of the front yard!!

We listened to framming and bamming all afternoon yesterday and they were back bright and bushy tailed this morning at 7:40 AM!!!

this is my favorite part...they have a generator, a microwave and a tv in the back of one of their trucks. During lunch you can find them out there watching who knows what and heating up their food. It is hilarious!!!
Anyway, they are supposed to be done sometime tomorrow. The poor dog is about to have a nervous breakdown!! :-)
Here are a couple of pics of Aly making my Mother's Day card. She did such a good job. She gets so serious about stuff like this!!! :-)

I just love catching pictures like this. Can you feel the love??? Oh, how I pray they stay close as they get older!

My poor David. He got 2nd degree burns on his head over the weekend when we went swimming. By the next day not only was his scalp swollen, but his eyes began to swell too!! He is much better now, but he was pitiful for a few days there!!

Those are cuff bracelts hanging from their noses. I don't know...a picture just seemed like the thing to do at the time. :-) those are the pictures for the day.
We are still living in the chaos of the last few weeks. I thought we were beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel, but just a few minutes ago, we had yet ANOTHER shoe drop and slap us in the head.
So here I sit, with the constant hammering going on above my head as they continue to work on the roof, and from the bedroom I hear David and Lili laughing their heads off as he tickles her mercilessly!! She absolutely loves it and he loves doleing it out! Thank you God that he is able to laugh after the most recent phone call!! God is good and he continues to sustain us. I don't know how, but he does!!!
Thanks for all of your continued prayers!!
In HIS Mighty Grip


prechrswife said...

Still praying for you... Love the hug picture, and the bracelet one made me LOL. :-)

Val said...

love your little bulls. :o) That could come in handy at nap time.

Hey, this is like the last thing you need to hear with all your trials. We're going to invade your city the first weekend of August. :o) There's a ZJ reunion and I'm meeting two other China a.moms and we're gonna do a road trip! I'm bringing all four girls--the guys will stay home and do boy stuff. Can't wait! Hope to maybe go to church with you, or meet you for lunch or something!

Anonymous said...

Oh Shellbell! And David!!! Geez, can I identify with the 2nd degree burn thing in the sun! Be careful! We need David's wit and brain! ;o)

Shelley, I know this is thee last thing you guys needed. You know? Roy and I have been praying for you to be released from this "hold" that seems to have you all. I certainly don't know why, but goodness......Lord, RELEASE THEM! PLEASE! AMEN!

*thinking about you*


Susan said...

Just the cure for forgetting all your troubles. You're tagged ;)