Thursday, August 23, 2007

Mommy's home...Mommy's home!!!

Yes, I made it in one piece! My friend, Leigh, went with me to keep me awake and we both came home early this morning absolutely hoarse from all the catching up we did!! We talked NON STOP for the entire was hilarious!!
We left here about noon yesterday, dropped off our charges at their house, and then went out for a very enjoyable dinner at California Dreamin' in Columbia. No bibs, no sippy cups, no crying, no children's menus...only the continued black hole that we talked ourselves into!!
I got Leigh back to her house about 2am and crawled into my bed about 3am. WHEW~!!
I slept in today and now we are back at it trying to figure out how to get this house in order for us to get our stuff in. It is so hard to decide what to keep and what to get rid of. I know it will take some time, but I sure do wish it was over and we were settled because the chaos that we are in right now is CRAZY for sure!!!
Aly just crawled up in David's lap and asked him when we would be going back home. Bless her heart...she is so confused about all of this! I'm pretty confused too come to think of it!! Oh well...thank goodness kids are so adaptable and she will get through it. Lili, on the other hand, could care less...just make sure she has food and a place to sleep and she is good to go!! :-) Lisa, can theystill come to visit when we go back to get the rest of our stuff???
Well, I better get back to it.
love to you all~~~~~

In HIS Mighty Grip

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