Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Who are you?????

Okay...I seem to get about 30-40 hits each day on this blog, but I don't recognize many of you through my site meter. I would love to know who you are and how you found our little world on the web. Please leave a comment and tell me a little about yourself. If you have a blog or website, please leave me the link so that I can check it out.
Looking foward to meeting lots of new friends!!!!

Oh, and for your viewing enjoyment...here are some pics of the ladies in their bikini's. Thanks to Babs for the suits!!!! Of course she sent them and they are still in TN as we didn't know we would be moving down here or even here for so long. Oh well...

Some news...Miss Alyson is POTTY TRAINED!!!!!!!!!! She has been wearing her big girl panties for over a week now and has only had one accident (just a little while ago). Poor thing came in with tears in her eyes and her pants soaked and said, "Mommy...I think I had an accident" Poor thing...it was so pitiful!! She is still wearing pull ups at night, but she has gotten up a couple of nights to go use the bathroom, so I don't think we will be wearing those much longer either.

Anyway, it is cooler here today and a bit overcast, so I think David and I will be taking the girls to the park later. They REALLY need to get out and get some exercise...physically and emotionally!!!!

We are not having the best of weeks. I was pretty emotional yesterday with lots of stops in the road to have a good cry. Some days it just seems more real than others. Some days it all just comes crashing down around us and I struggle to get anything done other than yelling at my babies!!!

David is having a rough day today. I am thankfull that our bad days seem to come on opposite days from each other!! God is good even in our grief!!!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!!

In HIS Mighty Grip~


Allison said...

Hi Shelley--I'm a fellow AWAA mom. I think I got your website address from the Yahoo group? Maybe? I can't remember. I followed your trip to Aly and checked your site a HUNDRED times a day! My blog is maggiemalady.blogspot.com if you want to check me out!

Shelley said...

Hi Allison!! Thanks for joining us here on the Wild Side!! I will definately check out your blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shelley!

Hugs to ya'll from TN-we miss you! Wanted to let you know that Greg had WLS-Lapband surgery back in July and is losing weight well. I just had it last Thursday (in MEXICO!) and still trying to get back to normal. We love getting to check the site for updates...but wish we could take away the pain your feeling. Miss Aly has it all figured out, doesn't she!

Take care,

Shelley said...

Hey Wendy
GREAT news about the lap band surgery!!! Congratulations!!!
We hope to be back up in TN in the next few weeks to pack up everything and get this move finished!!
Hope to see you then~

Anonymous said...

Like I need to introduce myself to you?! YEAH RIGHT! How about the one's who went to NANCHANG with you and were walking around with you in the airports! ;o)

Um, how should I sign?

Ok, I'll just sign from the loonies in Maryland! ;o) R, K, R, M (3 cats and 1 90 pound yellow lab)

Lisa L said...

Yeah Aly! Just got your messages. Jeff finally said, 'Oh yeah, Shelley left you some messages.' Uh, thanks honey. He's no receptionist. Anyway, you've been tagged...check out my blog:P

Kim T said...


I hit your site from time to time because it is a link on my friend Lisa L's blog. I love looking for families traveling to China soo and reading the travel stories even if I don't know the families. I just love seeing happy endings. :-)

Kim T

Shelley said...

Dear RKRM...so glad to have you lurking by!! How is M doing? ...more importantly...How is R doing with M?
Come see us in Florida sometime!!!!
Hope you guys are doing well

love ya

Shelley said...

Hey Lisa,
It was so good to talk with you today. Glad to hear that you guys are doing okay with all that Master Brady is going through. Like I told you...this too shall pass. Hang in there...your kids are some of the luckiest and most blessed children I know!!!
love ya

Shelley said...

Hey Kim,
Any friend of Lisa L is a friend of mine!!!! Glad to have you with us on the "Wild Side"!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Shellbell! R and M are literally TWO PEAS IN THE SAME POD! Totally into one another. Totally getting into lots of trouble together. R leads it most of the time. DO YOU KNOW R starts KINDERGARTEN next year?! OH MY GOSH! Hey, M's surgery is this monday! We are gearing up for that. Read the yahoo group or the blogsite. Blog is updated more.


Anonymous said...

I'm a Nemo buddy.
We share a fondness for Bruce.
We've been to China twice--once with you!
Our TG99 girl is also in BGPanties!
We enjoyed your visit last summer.

Guess Who.

Jenny said...

Hi Shelley, I am another AWAA momma! Love your family. I have been following/praying for you since the beginning. We brought Katie Mei home in April 2005. Come visit!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Shelley -
We'll continue to pray for you guys as you get settled once again. We are hoping to leave for China again on the 25th of October to bring our newest sweetie home. Our blog is weikelspot.blogspot.com.
Melissa for all the Weikels

Maura's 玠玠 said...

My family and I adopted my sister, Maura, from China Sept. 2006. I have been following your website for as long as I can remember. Aly and Lili are beautiful. So sweet!
Jie Jie to Maura Xiao Mei
(b. 10/27/05, Xuwen, Guangdong, China)

OziMum said...

Look at your girls! They are just gorgeous! I love the bikini shots!!! Isn't it funny, we think toddlers little bellies are cute and squishy, but when we get older... well, no-one needs to see that?!!!

Congrat's on "the big girl knickers"!!! (ooh, that could be misinterpreted - I was referring to Aly's potty traning!!!!)

Hope David's day improves tomorrow.

Shelley said...

Cool...all the new comments. It is good to meet all of you and also to hear from good friends already.
**Hey Nemo buddy!! VAL!!**
Thanks for stopping by and joining us on our journey through this thing called life!!


Kelly Kinkel said...

Hi Shelley,
I am Kelly Kinkel. I am a fellow AWAA. Our LID is 3/13/06. I can't remember when you were LID before you went to get Lily? I remember reading your posts and knowing it was you even before I read your name at the end of your post. Your post are so positive and uplifting.
I am so sorry for all that you have been going through with the loss of your mom. You and your family have been through so much change....be good to yourself and know that you have people praying for you.
Blessings to you and your family,
Kelly Kinkel