Sunday, September 30, 2007

Praise GOD...we're home!!!

Okay...short and sweet...we made it!!! After not leaving Middle Tennessee until nearly 11pm on Wednesday night, we finally pulled into our driveway in Florida on Saturday morning at about 4:30 am!!! WHEW...exhausted and exhausted. Can you say EXHAUSTED!!!

We had dear friends and some folks we didn't even know who came out of the woodwork to help us get it all in the truck . For that we were so very very thankful!!! We had to get a second (although smaller than the first) truck and so our friends Brian and Gloria helped us to get to Johnson City to Babs & Henry's house. We arrived about 5am, got a few hours sleep and after a bit of rearranging to get their luggage in, we grabbed some food, put some more ice in the coolers and off we went. was a LONG LONG day. David and the girls were in the car, Babs and I were in the smaller truck and Henry had the pleasure of driving Big Bertha all the way to Florida!!

Anyway, we had no idea who would be able to come help us unload. I only knew of a few people that had said that they could, but PRAISE GOD...we had nearly 15 people there unloading all of our junk!!! How blessed we are to have such friends!!! Dear people that I have known for years and they just all jumped in and started helping. It was a little interesting trying to figure out where to put stuff...but we did it!!! So, now even though we are now having to step over boxes, boxes and MORE boxes...we are all under one roof and we are HOME!!!!!

Thanks for all the prayers!! We have a lot of work ahead of us, but as my friend Jenny said..."How do you eat an elephant?? One bite at a time" So...we are chomping away at our elephant and grateful to God for getting us here and for all the friends and family who helped us to make it happen!!!!

Okay...more later!!!

In HIS Mighty Mighty Grip!!


OziMum said...

Glad you are home. Unpacking is easier than packing, as you've got all the time in the world to get it unpacked, unlike packing it all!!!

Hope the girls settle into their new home quickly and happily!

Hope you guys are feeling 100% after your car accident.

Jennifer said...

Good to know you're home....I'm still sad it's not closer to me.