Monday, September 24, 2007

Cadillacs, Carseats, and Courage

So, Shelley called and is having a little trouble with the internet connection (read: there is not one) and asked that I, “Aunt Babs”, update this blog for all of the faithful readers. I will begin by saying that we love Shelley and David and the Girls, and cannot wait to see them this week on their travels back to Florida.
Although the plan was to come home on Sunday, we all know that plans never go just as we want them to.
When The Swindlers were on the way back to TN to pack up and move all of the rest of their belongings to their home in FL, they were in a minor traffic accident. They were rear ended while at a stop just before they were to make a turn. There was not much damage to the vehicle but David and Shelley are experiencing some sore muscles and discomfort. The Girls are just fine, Thank God for Car seats.
Well after that, just as they were pulling in to the driveway in Nashville, the Car broke down. It was three in the morning. Thank God for Cadillacs?
The next day when they got into the groove of things (packing, getting ready for the yard sale, etc…) the Air Conditioning went out!! Not cool, literally. That was another ordeal with the landlord and the A/C techs. (I promise that I am not making this stuff up)
They had finally gotten everything ready for the yard sale on Friday and Saturday and had high hopes for a good turnout, but apparently God once again had other plans. It was a BUST! However, everything that did not sell was taken to a local church that is putting on a rummage sale to raise money to send their youth on a mission trip. We know that every penny raised will bring glory to God. (So I guess it was not that big a BUST after all).
As it stands now, the plan is to finishing loading the truck Wednesday, drive to Johnson City Thursday, and on through Columbia, SC, and back to Florida on Friday. They are already physically and emotionally exhausted. By Friday night when we arrive in ST. Augustine, they will be ready to crash. Please pray for strength, rest and endurance. We plan to unload the truck, after a good night’s sleep, on Saturday. David and Shelley would love any help you can give. The more hand we have to unload, the faster the process. Remember to keep the Swindlers in your thoughts and prayers as they go through out the rest of this week and plan to make yet another faith move and follow God’s leading on their live. Thank God for Courage!!


OziMum said...

Oh guys. That sounds like a tough weekend. Praying all your aches and pains will be gone as quickly as they came.

Hope you're all unloaded and settled in no time!

Emilie said...

When it rains it pours, huh? So sorry to hear all that you have been through. Hope you have a safe trip back to Florida.