Saturday, June 30, 2007

...Moments with Aly

For some reason we let Aly stay up pretty late last night. Maybe it was because David was watching a movie and I was busy doing laundry and responding to some email and puttering in the kitchen. She was having fun playing and...well...time just got away from us.

Anyway, I had made a batch of brownies to take to a friends house today and they were sitting on the couter cooling. Sometime later Aly came up to me in my office and said,

"Um, Mom?"

"yes Aly?"

"I couldn't help but notice that that package of brownies was sitting on the counter and it is empty. Then I noticed that I smelled brownies. I wonder why?"

~ Yes, she IS 3 years old!"~

"That would be because I cooked the brownies and they are on the counter cooling."

"Oh, well that makes sense."

~a brief pause...I kept typing and she kept standing there~

"Um Mom?"

"Yes, Aly?"

"Maybe I could taste the brownies?"

"Maybe you could taste them tomorrow. I made them to take to Uncle Bryan and Aunt Gloria's house with us"

"oh. okay. If you sis-ist" (I am assuming she meant I you INSIST) :-)

I'm doomed when she gets too much older!!

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