Monday, July 2, 2007


Well, Miss Tiger Lili made a huge step forward this afternoon. David and I decided to throw them both in the bathtub this afternoon when we got home from Sweating...I mean shopping at Walmart. Usually that means Aly jumps in head first and has a blast from the minute she gets in until the minute she gets out. Lili, on the other hand, screams and cries getting in and then relaxes and has a good time. Then when it is time to get out she starts screaming again because she doesn't want to get out. Go figure! Anyway, she was prancing around wanting to get in today. She never did cry, had a blast playing and then got right out without so much as a whimper. I think we are indeed making progress!!

BTW...the water is orange because I put a "tub tint" into the water and the line on her forhead is from where she slammed into the wall at 90 MPH! Can you believe that it didn't break the skin??? This picture is from a few weeks ago. Isn't she just beautiful??

Here is another picture of her from when we were in SC a few weeks ago. I was floating around the pool with Aly on my back while pushing Lili in her float. It wasn't too terribly long before the princess decided to take a nap until this cruise was over. She probably slept like this for nearly 45 minutes. Aly and I thought it was hilarious and she was much less grumpy when she woke up!!!

Aly said something that just blew us away in the car today. She was talking about how she wasn't sure what she wanted to be when she grew up...maybe an artist or a ballerina. Finally she decided that she would be, "whatever God wants me to be." Does a heart good doesn't it?? ~SIGH~

Okay...I had some more pictures to post, but it won't let me upload them. I will try to post them later...I have to go put my big girl to bed!!!


Toni said...

Love the picture of Lili sleeping. That is priceless!

Rodrigo said...

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Donna said...

Shelley, your girls are beautiful! Thanks for stopping by my site! I'd love to add your blog to that okay? Yes, we're just north of St. Augustine! We love taking daytrips to see the sites.

Shelley said...

Hi Donna,

Thanks so much! I think they are kind of cute too!! :-)

Of course you can link to my site, may I also link to yours?

Panda-Mom said...

Thanks for stopping by! Of course, you can add us...we love new families! ; ) Look forward to stopping by your place more often.

The planes link I got from Lifesong. I don't know them at all, but just adore the work and wish someone would do that for us! ; )

Beth said...

Your daughters are just precious! Love the blog!!!

Thank you for your emails and for the additional info on David Clapp. How can I go to PF and NOT head north to his studio!? Thank you for the link also, I will go check it out.

I agree, our Boss connects us in the most enjoyable ways.

In Him,

Val said...

Glad you clarified that on the water...there for a minute, I wasn't sure how far into the mountains of TN you moved. ;o) Thought you'd resorted to bathing in the cistern.