Friday, July 13, 2007

Family emergency...won't be blogging for a bit

Hello all...I'll just jump right in and let you all know what is going on.

We got a phone call from my Dad the other night about midnight saying that the worst had happened. Mom was trying to get back into her wheelchair and got her feet twisted up and went to the floor. They were on their way to the ER and he would call when he knew something. Well, I'm not good at waiting!!!! I must have called them in the ER 400x before morning!!! forward to today. Her left hip is broken and her right Tibia is fractured!!!!!!!!!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They were going to surgery today on the Left hip to replace the ball (the joint is apparently okay). But then they determined that it would be more than they could handle at this hospital. So, she is back in her room and awaiting word of where they will transfer her to do the surgery.
I am heading down there tomorrow. Please pray for traveling mercies and for my Mother and for my Dad's sanity through it all!!!!!
I doubt I will be able to post from Florida, but then again...stranger things have happened. I will most likely post when I get back.
In HIS Mighty Grip...
here are a few pics of my Mom with Aly. I was in a hurry and couldn't seem to find any more recent ones...these are from back when we brought Aly home.


Anonymous said...


Have a safe journey and I hope your parents get to come home with you! I know that would be an ultimate decision, but I'm with you on that one. Be safe, praying for your parents and for David and the girls!


Susan said...

Shelley, so sorry to hear this! Don't break speed limits and know that your Mom is in good hands. Be Safe!