Wednesday, July 11, 2007

How to put a baby to Aly

I have been having trouble getting Lili to sleep at night. She has been freaked out every night because of the week of never ending fireworks we had to endure. She was absolutely TERRIFIED of them and it all comes back every night at bedtime. Anyway...I sat upstairs with Lili FOREVER trying to get her to sleep...or at least to stop screaming at full volume. Finally, I got her to sleep and wandered downstairs to David and Aly. Aly was in the bathroom getting ready for bed and I was telling David about what had just happened. So, then I hear from the bathroom...on the throne, I might add...
Um, Mom?
Yes Aly

I have lots of babies and I have to put them to sleep each night. The only thing I know is that when it is time for them to go to sleep and they don't want to, I sing them a lullaby. If that doesn't work, then I turn on some music for them. Thats all I know to do. I'm just saying thats all I know to do.
...sage advice from a three year old!!

Oh Mom...I'm so cute...are you really going to MAKE me go to bed??

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Susan said...

I must say your 'wok' on the wild side is now one of my daily check-in's! lol. Sorry we missed David's B'day. I'll never forget last 4th of July when John accepted Christ and we had the cake @ the Children's home. Seems like yesterday. We miss you.
Happy B-late B'day David!