Saturday, June 23, 2007

...Moments with Aly

Aly still cannot say the "J" sound or the "Ch" sound. You have to understand that
it makes for some hilarious conversations! Just try saying "no more
monkeys jumping on the bed" without the J...see what I mean?
Anyway, Aly climbed up in David's arms this morning when he first woke up and he said to her, "Little Pig, Little Pig, Let me in" what was her response? "Not by the hair of my In-ee In In" It has gotten to the point that we try to come up with things for her to say that are full of J's and Ch's just so we can smile when she comes out with some hilarious variation. Let's see...there is "Mom, can we go to Ucky Eease (Chucky Cheese)" and then there is the famous "Ummmm, I like Icken (Chicken)" Or when she is trying to encourage Lili by saying "Good Obb, Lili (Good Job)"
I have to say that I will probably cry when she is finally able to say those two little
sounds...I "ust" love it!!!!

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