Thursday, June 7, 2007

We're making progress now!!

Okay, so I was sitting on my bed folding towels. Lili was playing with some toys next to me and she says, "Mama?" I thought...GREAT...more "I did it"...don't know how much more I can take of "I did it". So I swallowed and said, "Yes, Lili" trying to sound excited. Then she totally floored me...she said, "Where Daddy?" It took me a second to realize that she said something different and when I did, I almost fell off the bed!!!! I yanked her up and ran outside to where Daddy and Aly were planting. I just couldn't believe it!!!! you're thinking...Huh?? Well, Lili has just turned 18 months and we are so happy that she is catching up to her chronological age. This is big...she is starting to put words together and make a bit of sense!! WHOO HOOOO!!!!!
Okay...well, back to folding towels


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