Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Why China, Why Now?

I got this video from the Open Doors website. It really touched me as I continue to think about the country that gave our daughters life. I think of the two couples who brought them into this world and the roles they each played. I wonder if any of them know their creator? I wonder if, as they think of these angels, they have a peace in their hearts as to what has become of them. I wonder if my daughters...the beautiful, precious gifts of God that are standing here next to me right now...will have a role to play in sharing Christ with their homeland someday?
Oh...so many things to think about, so many things to pray about, so many things to put safely into God's hand to perfect so that I don't totally screw them up!!!


Jennifer said...

Shelley, I just love this video and so I posted a link to this blog post on Zoe's Adoption Blog. What a fantastic find!

Jennifer G.

iamnotasoccermom said...

I am coming back to comment, because I am realizing that a ton of people are reading my blog but not commenting and it hurts my feelings so I am here to participate and support you my friend. :)

I love this video. It is wonderful to hear it from an actual chinese womans voice...not some calloused american that is just looking at statistics. my heart was reeling the whole time for a country I love only because it produced my precious egg rolls.

(looks like open ID is working now yipee)

Cindy M said...


I am a long-time blog reader of yours...and a fellow AWAA family...loved this post...linked it on our blog...if you don't mind, I might do a post about it, too...

Thanks for sharing it!

Cindy M.

p.s. Our blog is www.nextfiveminutes.blogspot.com

Our adoption site is www.hopeforcaroline.com

Cindy M said...

AAACK! Forgive my scattered mind...email me at martenspack@yahoo.com about posting...thanks!

Cindy M.

sarahb said...

Loved this. Wish I was not so technologically challenged so that I could post this on Adriana's site! Thanks for sharing

Becki party of 5 said...

Shelley, I'm joining the club of posting this video on our blog, too! Thanks for sharing this.

The Morris Family said...

Thank you for sharing this-especially enjoyed the narrators perspective-and also your thoughts about your daughters someday sharing their love of Jesus in their native land-gave me goosebumps-and made me think about the possibilities...and the mysterious ways in which God works! Karen Morris

Shelley said...

Hi Karen,
I, like you, enjoyed the narrators perspective as well. Of course her voice brought back fond memories of the friends we made in China, but her heart just moved mine as I thought of a future without Christ for so many of them...so many everywhere. I do hope that my girls will be able to be a part of continuing to bring Christ to that country!!!
Thanks for sharing your heart!!