Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I had no idea...

Tuesday with Aly~
Okay...so I admit that I have a really bad headache today. I woke up with it and it has been agrivating me all day. I got nothing done today, except that I took the girls outside to play for awhile. (secretly hoping that the fresh air would help, but alas... it did not!) On the way out I hollered to Aly to come back into my bedroom so i could put a clippy in her hair and keep it out of her eyes (PRAISE GOD...she finally has hair long enough to BE in her eyes!) Anyway she came in the room with her hair all crazy going everywhere. I said, "Wow...that is some hairdo" she went over to the mirror and after looking at herself for a minute or so she said, "I look like some sort of cock-eyed pinguin!"
Don't ask...I don't know...I just work here.
We came back in from playing, I half heartedly threw some lunch together and promptly collapsed into my recliner. Aly ate her lunch, but didn't finish her yogurt. I vaguely remember her telling me that she was full and didn't finish it. I made some comment about saving it as she would be hungry again in about 3 seconds. So I came into the kitchen later and saw it sitting on the counter. I figured that she just decided not to finish it. About that time she came bounding into the kitchen. She didn't say a word, but was humming along like a little bird. She came up next to me and motioned for me to hand her the yogurt. I did. Then she went over to the tupperware cabinet and pulled out a tupperware container. She twirled the little do-hickey around to find a matching lid and then began to scrape the leftover yogurt into the tupperware. When she finished, she was very aware that the container she had chosen was too big for the tiny amount of yogurt that was left. So, she went back to the cabinet and got out yet another, much smaller container and transfered said yogurt into the new tupperware. She then put the lid on it, put it in the fridge and dumped all the other stuff in the sink. She turned, smiled at me and off she went. My jaw never left the floor. I had no idea that she even knew where the tupperware cabinet was, much less how to put leftovers in one and put it in the fridge. Oi...my life is about to change...I can feel it coming!!!
Conversations with Lili~
The following is a sampling of the ongoing conversation that I have with Lili throughout the course of most every day now for about the last 3-4 days:
Lili: "Momma? Wass at?
Me: "that is a window"
Lili: "Inn-oh? Hi Inn-oh!"
Lili: "Momma? Wass at?"
Me: "that is a wall"
Lili: "Waaah? Hi Waaah!"
Lili: "Momma? Wass at?"
Me: "that is a book"
Lili: "buuut? Hi buut"
Lili: "Momma? Wass at?"
Me: "that is the sink"
Lili: "dink? Hi dink"
and on it goes
I'm missing my Momma today. I would sure like to call her and tell her what smart grandbabies God gave her. I guess she already knows...she and God are probably talking about it right now!!!