Monday, February 11, 2008


Yesterday afternoon we gathered with new friends to celebrate Chinese New Year. We started off at the library for crafts, music, ribbon dancing, fan dancing and one big monster Dragon Dance!! It was great fun and the kido's all had a blast.

After our fun times there, we all decended on a local Chinese restaurant for some delicious food and fellowship. (...and yes, they knew we were coming...we didn't just show up!) and finally we ended with fireworks in the parking lot (also know as popping bubble wrap!) It was a hoot!

There were about 50 people in attendance and to see all those beautiful little girls and boys in their adorable traditional Chinese dress was indeed a sight!

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy!!!

Lili made a little Dragon

Aly working on her Dragon

My little Chinese jumping bean...a two year old in motion!!!

Here is Lili just looking beautiful and showing off her Dragon Tatoo

Daddy and Aly decorate a Kite.

Two precious little hands

Lili and her Poppy!

Aly and her friend Betsy

Not sure what the look on Aly's face is, but it is about the best picture I got of the two of them. At least they are both looking at the camera!!

Oh my...there just are no words. I am overwhelmed by this child!!

The Dragon Dance. Notice the big dragon head on the right behind the lady in red?

Here is Aly under the back of the Dragon as it made it's way through the room.
Chinese New Year - 2008


Susan said...

And a happy new year to the S. family! Looks like you have a fun group in Sunny Florida!

Here's a blast from your past.. Dave is the one waving the big yellow umbrella ;), John is in light blue right behind him, and E'beth is right in front of the 1st dragon holding her ears.. lol. We missed you up here in the mountains.
Be sure to have your 'ears' on! Enjoy the memories!

prechrswife said...

Great pictures! Check my blog for more. :-) I have some cute shots of Mary Joyce and Lili.

Val said...

Love all the pics! Ok, David. As your friend, I owe it to you to tell you the truth: This is NOT the Year of the Chihuahua.


Angie said...

Love love love Aly's pigtails! Precious pics!
Love and miss you!

Leslie said...

Thanks for sharing. I am with AWAA as a waiting family and saw your blog on the yahoo group! Your girls are beautiful. I love the pics from Chinese New Year at the library. I am going to make a note to check into that next year! I never thought of that! I also love your post about "You know you are an adoptive parent if … ".
:) Leslie in TN

Shelley said...

Hi Leslie!
Thanks for stopping by. What is your LID? I hope you are celebrating CNY next year with your own little peanut!!
What part of TN are you in? I ask as there is a great support group in East TN where we were and also there is a HUGE group in the middle TN area. I would be happy to hook you up with the group in East TN if you are nearby. They are a wonderful bunch!
In HIS Mighty Grip