Tuesday, February 19, 2008

"Bar Map Beep?"

It is no secret that our Lili LOVES to eat. She is not terribly picky, although she definately has her favorites. One of her absolute, all time, better than breathing favorites is her Barley Max Capsules. She eats them every single morning. She would rather eat them than do just about anything else. She doesn't swallow the capsules mind you...she CHEWS THEM UP.

Now, I have to pause a minute to tell you that although we also take Barley Max, I wouldn't, on a dare, chew them up. Barley Max is wonderful stuff for the body...I mean fabulous...but it tastes like you are chewing up the front lawn on a bad day. To swallow the capsules is not a problem, but to CHEW THEM UP???? Uh...whatever!! Regardless...chew them up she does.

She comes in to David every morning and climbs up into his arms and says the same thing...not "good morning", not "I love you", but "Dad, may I have Bar Map Beep?" She usually downs anywhere from 8-10 of them. We have to stop her as she would most likely eat the whole bottle if we let her...anyway, here it is on video for you to enjoy!!

Have a blessed day!


sarahb said...

And may I add, IKKKK!! We are more into marshmallows at our house! Okay, so we throw in some yogurt and fruit but if Adriana were doing the chosing marshmallows would win!! You go Lili!

Susan said...

Ole George Malk. would be proud! I can't believe she eats the things! LOL, perhaps it reminds her of rancid sea weed in China ;)
May I add what a sweetie!!!

Lorrin said...

Eeewww! Those taste like grass, even when you just swallow them whole. But Lili is adorable even if she does eat them. :)

Shelley said...

We just stand back in amazement that she actually eats them as well. I have to move quickly just to swallow them. But, she thinks they are candy!! I mean she cries when we tell her that she can't have any more...it is hilarious!!
Go figure...the beauty of uncorrupted taste buds!!!

prechrswife said...

Yuck! But too funny...

Shellee Coley said...

BTW, my kids who are pretty healthy eaters almost threw up last night when I made them the "special salad" which is funny because they love and eat all those things in it. I think it was a texture thing. But you would have thought I was making them eat a liver...whole.

Lily...what can I say...I think we were the ones who turned your parents on to that junk and we don't even take it any more...they make Bailey eat it too. Tell them that there are flintstone vitamins that taste much better (but have no actual nutritional value)


Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Shelley, This is Quillen. I think the girls are so cute. I watched the video of Lily 2 times because she is so funny. I can't wait to meet them SOMEDAY!


Shelley said...

hey Quillen!! Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. I will tell the girls that you stopped by. I hope you get to meet them someday too!! I pray that you all become great friends!!
Please give Zealy and Mom & Dad a hug from us~
Love to you!

Esther's mom said...

I can't believe that she chews those! Wow...and she probably eats her veggies, too!
Side note: Say hello to Babs for us. We spent some time with her in Beijing on the tours and had a blast with her. She has a great sense of humor!
Huddle, Gene and Esther

Shelley said...

Hello Huddle!!
yes, Lili also eats her veggies. They are both vegetarian, so that is what they eat the most of. That and their fruit smoothies. :-)
I will tell Babs hello. She talks about what a fun time she had with you two as well.