Thursday, April 2, 2009

How to have a happy family

Start with one very excited Daddy

Chop up some yummy green peppers and other assorted goodies

Put it all in the blender with other assorted spices and such (I will NOT divulge the secret recipe so don't even go there!)

Let the 5 yr old shove some of it into the blender too!!

Do it over and over a few times.

Don't forget to let the 5 year old pulse the blender some!! This step is crucial as it goes far in keeping melt downs at bay!!

Dump each batch all together into a big bowl.

Let the 5 year old stir. She's good at it...been stirring salsa since she was knee high to a tomato plant!! I mean really folks...she drinks salsa with a straw...always has!!!

* Let me take a moment to go back in time... the year was 2006...the secret family salsa recipe was being created by one little peanut. (Yes, she actually suggested our secret ingredient!)

Here she is stirring a batch way back when...what, did you think I was making it up?

Well, SOMEBODY has to test this stuff!!!
* back to our story....

Let the 3 yr old watch. This picture was followed by Lili saying, "Wow Dad...that sure is a LOT of Salsa!!" Just for the record...she's not so much into salsa as her sister. She will eat it, but she doesn't inhale it like Aly...just not her thing.

Put it all into containers and stick it in the fridge.
Add some yummy blue corn chips and THAT my friend is how you make Salsa...Swindler Style!!!
In HIS Mighty Grip~


The Morris Family said...

Yummo! You lucky duckies-living in Florida- you can have really tasty salsa now...while it will be a while for the rest of us. I can hardly wait!

a Tonggu Momma said...

No recipe? Sigh. Okay. But what if I tell you that it looks really, really yummy?