Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What have the Wild Noodles been up to lately??

We went to Jacksonville to see Disney On Ice!!!

We drank sugary drinks and clapped wildly when "Mater" and "Lightning McQueen" came flying out onto the ice!! Okay...well, mostly Mater...we LOVE Mater!!!!

Girls Day Out with Mommy at Disney On Ice was the best ever!!
We found out that we make stunning Princesses!

We endulged our passion for drinking salsa through a straw.

We just looked stunning no matter what!

We practiced smiling with Bailey, our Jack Russell.

We took charge of the bar in gymnastics class!

We kicked booty doing hand stands!!

We did splits like a Pro!!

We ate all the cantaloupe within 50 miles of our house...

...and most all of the watermelon as well!!

We did cool science experiements with water, baking soda, citric acid, and red cabbage juice powder!!
We were very proud of those experiments.
We lovingly knit a fun hat ...
...on the knitting loom.

The hat was for Lili

...and she loved it!!!

We snuggled a little extra close that night. awwwww....

We had lots of fun at the park

We continued to look beautiful!!

We did lots of laughing...

...and lots of kissing

We made amazing things with our legos

We continued to practice brushing those teeth!!

We took wonderful naps in Honey's chaise !

We decided that it was much easier to stir the OJ while sitting ON THE COUNTER rather than on the stool!!!

We decided that we really do look awesome in our new helmet and pads!!
We mastered the art of the curve on our Razor scooter!
We dyed Ressurection Eggs!!

Aren't they wonderful??

We are the Wild Noodles...Lili and Aly. Thanks for stopping by and checking in on us!!
God Bless You!!!


Susan said...

So so fun! Feels like I was there! How the girls have grown!!! Where does time go? Great Job Shelley, you are doing a great job Mom!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Loved the updates! We've missed you!

Shelley said...

Hey Ladies... I feel like I have been gone forever!!! I think you are probably the only two left who come by and check us out...I'll have to try to get my readers back!!

prechrswife said...

Great post! That last picture is priceless! :-) See you this Saturday, provided Malcom doesn't decide to surprise us?

Anonymous said...

Shelley? They aren't the ONLY ones! ;o)


Esther's mom said...

Thanks for sharing all the beautiful pics of your girls!

Amy Jo said...

Oh my goodness!!! I can't believe how much your girls have grown!!! Wow. Love your "wok" blogs. Very fun! Hugs, A

David said...

You are an AWESOME MOM!! Our girls are so blessed! I love you.

Jennifer said...

They are gorgeous! Enjoyed the pics. Looks like you are doing a great job! They look so happy and have so many opportunities with classes etc. Awesome.

fyi-I found you from CWO blogroll.
Bless you, Sister!