Monday, April 27, 2009

April 27th Edition

For Today...
Outside my window... The sun is shining very brightly, yet there are extremely dark clouds off in the distance. It is amazing how those dark clouds make the brightness of the sun that much brighter. Do I even need to expand on the thought there is a WHOLE sermon AND a song somewhere in the above statement???? Wow!!!
I am thinking... about what the next few years will hold for our family and how he is preparing me for it. I see so many things that God is trying to work in me right now. I pray that I will listen and learn!!!
From the learning rooms... continuing to make the transition to full time schooling in the fall. Or rather should I say "official" homeschooling in the fall. I have to officially register with the school board as a homeschooling family in August. Trying to get all of my ducks in a row early so that it doesn't catch us off guard and so I don't spend all summer obsessing over it!!
I am thankful for... a God who thinks I am worth it, even when I don't!!
From the kitchen... are you kidding me?? I just got up!!! I'll get back to you later...maybe.
I am wearing... my black housedress and my Birks
I am re-reading... or rather still trying to read "Fields of the Fatherless", but it is hard as I haven't been to the eye doctor yet. My glasses are really not working and I need to get my eyes checked.
I am hoping... to get a lot accomplished this week. There is a lot to accomplish!!
I am creating... a paths toward making our lives more simple and less complicated. I am really tiring of complicated!!!
I am praying... for wisdom for David and I in dealing with some issues with our little Lili. Please join me in that prayer!!
I am listening to...Lili. She just got up and is currently sitting on the potty, singing. It is hilarious!! I have no idea what she is singing, but she is singing the mess out of it!!
Around the house... ..I am planning,organizing, cleaning, creating and attempting to maintain a nest for my brood. Like I said before...I'm really getting quite tired of everything being so complicated!!
One of my favorite things... is those few last stretches before I fall asleep at night.
A few plans for the rest of the week... re-arranging, organizing, planning, dreaming, accomplishing...oh, and always LAUNDRY!! :-)
Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...
This is Alyson the morning after she was placed in our arms. (Dec 2004) It is also the day before her first birthday. We couldn't believe that we got such an amazing smile out of this little pumpkin this soon!! She bonded with us quickly and has never looked back!! And now to think that it is 4 years later and we have been blessed with TWO amazing children!!! How did that happen?
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In HIS Mighty Grip~


Liz Tolsma said...

Thanks for sharing the picture of your daughter. What a beautiful little girl! As an adoptive mom of 3 from Asia, I think they are the prettiest babies (and I'm not one ounce biased!).

quilt'n mama said...

Thanks for sharing this morning, I enjoyed stopping by. We have 4 little ones- two born to us via China:) Hope you have a blessed day!

Shelley said...

I agree Liz...they are the most beautiful!! I'm not biased either!! :-)
Thanks for stopping by Liz and Gayly!!

Susan said...

I remember that pic of Aly as if it were yesterday! Look at that incredible smile. She knew she was home!

Any plans yet to come 'home' for Mom and Dad?? :)

Anonymous said...

Shelley? Do you remember Becca and Aly coming in the hotel, almost at the same time? You and I were at the railing?! I've never been more nervous! (even getting married) We were going over pictures the other night and we got a good one of Aly and Becca almost side-by-side! Wow, 4 years! Time is FLYING! I register Becca for school NEXT WEEK!!!!!!! Oy!


Shelley said...

Maybe for a visit, but that is all for now. We would love to come up maybe in the fall? Not sure yet, but we'll see.
Miss you all!!!!

Shelley said...

Hey Kristen,
Yes, I do remember that!!! I tell Aly the story of us all hanging over the railing waiting for them quite often...she loves to hear it! It still blows my mind that it has been 4 years. Of course I still have to pinch myself to soak in the fact that we have been to China TWICE!!! I am so thankful that we took Aly on the trip to was just as amazing!!
I would love to see that picture of she and Becca!!