Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Pre-Christmas family update... has only been a few weeks since I updated and so much has been going on here at the Swindler house. I keep meaning to blog, but then I got started on something else and got sidetracked. Anyway...go get some coffee, tea or some Xanax and enjoy December with the Swindler family!!!

yep...I'm three now!!! Can you even believe it??

Now that I am officially have permission to call me by my new name...Super Toddler!!

Mary Joyce is totally enjoying all the sugar coursing through her veins after eating Cake and ice Cream!! Mary Joyce is Lili's Tongu buddy.

A Walmart Christmas Shopping break. Just me and my appendages!!! As you can see I still am using a scooter to get around. I use the walker if I will have to do too much walking like at church. But, I am definately getting better. The pain is GREATLY decreased, as is the muscle cramping in my calf. PRAISE GOD!!
Oh...and Yes...we did cruise around the store like was quite hilarious!!!

My oldest Angel got to be an Angel in the Christmas program at church. She was a HOOT!!!!!
Aly and some of her fellow Angels...

I was so proud of my baby girl!!! She made a truly beautiful angel!

"The Young and the Dejected! These are the Days of Our Lives!" (She wanted to be an angel too...poor baby!!)
"I think I will just lay here on this pew and eat worms and be pitiful!!! It has to be better than any other possible solution!!!"

Their Christmas best!

Aren't they adorable?? I just love those dresses and the angels in them!! precious!

"Take our picture Daddy!!!"

"This is SOOOO cool!!! A big ole book of music!!!" She spent about 20 minutes turning one page after the was amazing to watch her concentration !

Aly playing in the 4 year old handbell choir at church.

Look...that's my sister up there. She's the one with the red handbell. Did you know red is her favorite color?

My youngest gift from God! (Notice the big red circle on her cheek? Well, she decided to hug a lightbulb and burned her face! It was horrible looking, but it has healed up very quickly and it doing great now!)
The first annual Gingerbread house!

Can I even tell you how much fun the girls had making this thing!!! It was awesome.

Aly and her Daddy Man setting up the It's A Wonderful Life Christmas village. I was cooking dinner and Lili was...

...passed out asleep in the middle of the living room. Princesses in Training can only go so far and do so much before it is nap time!!! I mean...HELLO!!!!

Of course Aly had to have her picture taken with Sleeping Beauty.

We attended Mary Joyce's Super Toddler birthday a week after Lili's birthday. The girls made crowns...are they neat?
Aly was checking out that cake@!@!
Ahhhh...the birthday girl!!! Such a little beauty!!!

Aly helping to serve cake
Hey...when the cake is THIS good...a princess needs TWO spoons!

What a princess looks like after eating cake with two spoons!!

We also made sugar cookies...and ate them!!

My little "strong as an Ox" princess can crack some serious nuts with those nutcrackers!!! I was very impressed. I am also still finding pieces of nut shells all over the living room!! :-)
The picking out of the Christmas Tree. She was so proud of herself!!

First hand account of how loud a chain saw REALLY is!

Isn't it pretty?

Can you believe it actually fit IN the trunk? You can't see her, but Lili is sound asleep in the back seat of the car...she missed the whole darn thing!!

Wow...these tree lights are really cool!

Lili didn't care about putting the lights on...she just wanted Poppy to crack nuts for her. :-)

Having fun with Daddy Man...

Oh yes...I'm four and I am having a blast!!!

I think Daddy Man was having fun too~

Lili hanging the candycanes

"Aly, would you put that one up high for me?"

Hi! My name is Rudolf...notice my red nose? Have you ever seen anyone as cute as me?

"It's me Rudolf again...this is my sister Grumpbucket...Uh, I mean Aly. She isn't very happy right now.

There is something between those two teeth! I must floss it out@!@

It's right there DaddyMan!!! I can't get it out!!

Oh I LOVE me some dental floss!!!

Am I trouble looking to happen or what?

Poppy is definately the best "place" to take a nap! Especially when he has his heated throw on toasty warm!!

Aly, in her new footy pj's talking on the phone to Aunt Babs. Hi Aunt Babs!!!!

Princess Lili says, "Hey ya'll...come back soon okay? Have a Merry Christ mas!!!
In His MIGHTY Grip~


lillian08 said...

Meryy Christmas y'all... Happy Birthday Jesus!
Wow, what a month you guys have had... still praying on my end, although I am not the best to keep in touch... for that I'm sorry!!
Lots of love from NC,
p.s.- Lili's burn looked soooooo much better by the end of the post pics... Keep on doing what your doing... IT'S WORKING!!

The Morris Family said...

What great photos of some precious, precious memories!
Merry Christmas!

AZMom said...

They are too cute! I loved looking at all the pictures!

Merry Christmas!

Val said... need a spew alert on the pouting Lili pic. Absolutely my favorite shot. The angels are gorgeous however.

PS. What kind of The Ring kids go to your church???? No, I've not watched the movie, but I have seen the cover, and it looks like your pics. :D :D Maybe an exorcism is in order. :D

Merry Christmas, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!, Happy New Year, and Happy Gotcha Day!

Susan said...

Merry CHRISTmas to the S family!! D. will be calling your D. and so appreciated the buzz on the 25th. The pictures of the girls are wonderful and it's totally unreal how fast they are growing. Aly looked radiant in her angel costume and it sure beat E'beths which was a donkey :) :) lol.

Hugs to the 'babies'- the female ones ..ha.

Esther's mom said...

Lots of great pictures! Hope your Christmas was wonderful!

Becki party of 5 said...

Each picture was better than the last, I loved them all! The girls in their Christmas dresses were beautiful.
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

a Tonggu Momma said...

LOVED all of the photos, Shelley. Your Aly made a gorgeous angel. And bwwwaaaahahaha to the "young and dejected/ days of our lives" comment. That made me laugh out loud. Merry Christmas to you and yours. And happy birthday to Lili from a Tonggu buddy!

Laura said...

Your girls are so cute! Enjoyed the pictures. Sounds like you had a great holiday!

prechrswife said...

Love the pictures, and especially the commentary that goes along with them. You've got to email me a copy of Mary Joyce's sugar high picture. That is hilarious!