Monday, December 8, 2008

Family-isms...the stuff memories are made of... who knows how these things actually happen...something is said, maybe it is heard wrong or maybe it is said wrong or any combination thereof. Anyway, I was reminding Lili to go sit on the potty the other day. Her normal response is to have a total and utter meltdown!! I mean it is hysterical!! She throws a good old fit with the flailing arms and all. (Can you tell that she HATES HATES HATES to have ANYONE (read: Mom or Dad) tell her in any way shape or form what to do!! ) Side note: Anyone remember the Tiger-Lili of first coming home from China? Same kid...same temper... only add verbal and body control now!!!
Anyway, I walked on into the bedroom where David was and repeated my request for her to go sit on the potty. She responded with something that sounded something somewhat like
"I AM SITTING ON THE BUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
David and I laughed and then he went with it!!! Because...that is what David does...he goes with it...whatever it is is always hilarious!!! So now when the girls have to go sit on the potty, they....

are you ready for it?????

are you sitting down?????

this is good!!!!!!

here it is....

they... Feed the Bunny


they... Water the Bunny!!!!

and wouldn't you know it...when we now tell Lili to go Water the Bunny instead of going sit on the Potty...she doesn't scream/cry/fit-out/meltdown/come unglued/or whatever other action pops out of her little head. Well...most of the time she doesn't anyway. It is totally amazing.

Now she comes to me and says, "Mom...I just watered the bunny!!!!"

Who knew?

In His Mighty Grip...


Rachelle said...

That is so funny!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Oh. my. lands. That is too cute!

Susan said...

Thats one for the baby books!
Got carrots?

lillian08 said...

You and David are a HOOT!
LThanks for the giggle today... needed it!
xo, Jen

Bridget said...

Melanie is 4 and we get the same reaction from her when we tell her to go potty. The screaming, crying, her saying "I don't have to go". Maybe I will have to try telling her to water the bunny, maybe that will help.

prechrswife said...

ROFLOL!!! That is hilarious!