Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My little Tiger Lili is not a baby anymore!

This picture really says it all. This was still in China, but it really sums up the first 6 months or so with my little Angel!! ;-) She was 12 months old here.

Here is Miss Tiger Lili with her Aunt Babs on the plane heading home to the states.

This is right after she first laid eyes on her Daddy...they connected immediately!!

Just finishing up a big crying fest...one of MANY to come!!! Daddy is still smiling here...he had NO IDEA!! This is about an hour or so after we got her.

Fast forward two more years and here we have The Empress Lili...Queen of all she surveys!! Isn't she just beautiful? She still goes by Tiger Lili...which denote how fast she can turn on you. She has more Drama and more Personality and more Love and more Smiles and more frowns and moreDrama and more Drama ...did I mention Drama? Anyway she has all of it and more stowed away in that little pint sized body. I don't believe I have ever seen so much of it ALL in one human being before!!

Well, today my little Empress turns THREE. I can barely believe it. In many ways the past two years with her have flown and in many ways they have dragged on. But each and every day we have spent with this precious bundle from God has convinced me that God is our amazing Father who always knows exactly what is best for us. I can't imagine having missed this miracle . I can't imagine saying "NO" to what God had planned for us with this child.

...and this is how she spent her last few hours being two. She fell asleep in my recliner. Notice the drool?? LOL What a beautiful little SUPER TODDLER!!!
Tonight we are having a little party for her birthday. I will post pictures as soon as I can.
Blessings to you all and please remember to send up a prayer or two for my Precious Little Tiger Lili and all the unspeakable joy she has given to us in her three short years of life!!
We Love You LILIANA!!
In HIS Mighty Grip
We would LOVE it if you would leave Lili a birthday wish in the comments!! We will read them all to her...I promise!!


lillian08 said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Miss Lili!
Oh, how we have loved watching you grow... 3 is such a BIG ageand we hope this birthday is absolutely wonderful!
Sending you birthday hugs and kisses all the way from North Carolina,
Jenny, Danny and Lilli

Esther's mom said...

Hey there, sweet Lili!! Happy Birthday to you. Hope your day is extra special!

Lisa L said...

Happy Birthday Sweet, Sweet girl! We miss you so much! Have a super day and make sure to ask your mom for lots of sugar! She can't deny you on your birthday.

Shelley, I am convinced that Lili and AnnaClaire must be biologically related. Have you ever seen 2 Chinese girls that favor each other that much AND are that hair deprived? LOL

The Morris Family said...

Happy Birthday Lili!
Wow- 3! You are growing up to be such a big girl!
Hope you have a wonderful day!

AZMom said...

She is too adorable!! Wow she has grown too! Happy birthday to Miss Lili!!

David said...

What an awesome God we serve who would trust US with this little spice girl. OUR cupboard was in need of a little more spice. Yeah right, what a perfect match for her Big Sis. We are so blessed. May others know this special blessing too. I love you Mom. Keep up the good work. You "spice girls" are the bomb!!

Susan said...

happy Birthday to Lili, Happy Birthday to Lili, Happy Birth....day......to... Lili........ HaPpY BiRtHDaY tO yOu!!
Hugs from Elizabeth and John. Sure wish you lived closer so we could eat some of your cake!! :)

Jason and Stacey said...

Oh Happy Happy Birthday Lili! Wish we were closer so we could see how you have grown, but we love when your mom and dad post pictures of you! We hope you had a wonderful, fun, exciting 3rd Birthday! You are so loved by many and especially by our wonderful Heavenly Father!
Love, Jason and Stacey Sawicki in Tennessee

a Tonggu Momma said...

Happy birthday Lili!!! And the Tongginator wants you to save her some cake. LOL.

eileensblog said...

Happy Birthday Lili! Have fun being THREE!

Your buddy Allison, who's been 3 for almost 2 months now - it's fun! :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lili! You don't know us yet, but we were with your mom and dad when they got your sister, Aly!

What a big girl you are!!!

Your extended family in Maryland,
The Iversens