Friday, September 12, 2008

A week in the life... it's time to find out what we learned around here lately.

This week we learned that...

...Lili is quite possibly the cutest thing since the Pixie haircut!
...she is still terrified of the Merry Go Round

...she will flash that smile again as soon as we get off said Merry Go Round little heartbeat LOVES THE MERRY GO ROUND with a purple passion and smiles from ear to ear if you even say the word MERRY GO ROUND!!

...they finally like to play TOGETHER at the park. :-)
...Aly is very stubborn and WILL get the hang of Monkey bars sooner rather than later!!
...Aly is very stubborn and WILL get the hang of Monkey bars sooner rather than later!
...Aly is very stubborn and WILL get the hang of Monkey bars sooner rather than later!!
...Lili is...well, she is just so darned cute...what else is there to say!! is always the right time to take a picture!
..there is never a bad time to tell your sister how much she is loved!
...why be normal and sit IN the chair when sitting ON the chair is just...well...better!
...a two year old loves to string cheerios onto a piece of ribbon ...
...while the four year old practices writing!
...that if you keep your thread straight...
...and push that needle through at just the right place...
...and pull it through at just the right place... will learn to embroider and put your name on a handkerchief!

...Aly's hair is FINALLY long enough to put in a pony tail after four years of waiting!

...when Aunt Babs and Uncle Henry send us a box in the mail...there is ALWAYS something really cool NEW DRESSES JUST FOR US!!! much fun we can have when we go out to eat with good friends (Lto R: Aly, Mary Joyce, Lili, Katharine) Mary Joyce and Lili are from the same orphanage in China. They were there at the same time and I am still amazed at how they seemed to remember each other last year when they saw each other for the first time since their adoptions!!

...even Spider-Lili needs to stop for re-fueling every now and again!

and finally...we learned that black olives are best when served on the tips of your fingers!!!
Bon Apetit!!
Blessings to you all this week~


prechrswife said...

Great pictures! We need to bring our girls up to the big park with the Merry-go-Round. I wonder what Mary Joyce will think about that?

Esther's mom said...

Love the ponytail! Your girls are so adorable.

Susan said...

So sweet!!! They are growing up WAY to fast!! Awesome pony tail :)

The Morris Family said...

What terrific pictures- thanks for sharing! Our Maggie is also not so keen on the merry-go-round... with time, that will probably change for our girls. Enjoy your weekend!

Cindy M said...

LOVE the girls in those new matching dressses!

Olives on the fingers...HILARIOUS!

And I must tell oldest, Mindy, decided when she was four years old that she was going to master those old monkey bars if it was the last thing she ever did. At the time she couldn't go farther than a couple of bars. And she weighed 30 lbs soaking wet.

Within a couple of years, she not only mastered them, she became a legend in her own time! By third grade, she could skip one or two bars and took those bars like a monkey! The kids on the playground used to tell ME that I just HAD to see what Mindy could do!

Now she is 15 and has arms I envy. Of course, we've helped her along the way with a few disciplinary push-ups (Army parents are just like that, you know), but I don't worry about her much. She can out-do many of the guys her age. She is STRONG!

Sounds like ALY might be a little like her, eh? Thanks for reading my essay! :-)

Oatsvall Team said...

what fun pictures ... i have been waiting 3 years to put Emily's hair in a ponytail and yet still nothing ... Maggie's hair is longer than hers and they will probably cut it all off for surgery ... OH WELL I GUESS HAIR IS OVER RATED

I love the pic of the sister's kissing ... what a bond !!!!

Rachelle said...

I love your blog! Your Girls are beautiful! Lot's of good inspiration during my wait for my own from China! =) Rachelle

lillian08 said...

Love, love, love this post! I can't get enough of seeing your girls in photos... EVER!
Love you girlie!!
xo, Jen