Thursday, September 11, 2008


I was tagged today by Debbie over at My Princess Journals. She asked me to name 6 things that are unspectacular about me. I'm sure this will be tough as most everything about me is spectacular!!! Ha Ha Ha LOL, ROFLOL, Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!!!!! I go.

1-I am an only child. Just me myself and I. I have 5 siblings waiting on me in heaven, but on this earth...I'm it. I could talk for hours about the pro's and con's...but suffice it to say that I wanted Aly to have a sister!!

2-Most people I know got married and started a family early on in life...I waited a while. I married David when I was 28 and I didn't become a Mommy until a just a week before I turned 37. Second time Mommy-hood didn't come until I was nearly 40. God's timing is perfect ya know!!!!

3-Not only are my two daughters LEGAL immigrants to this great country...but my grandfather was also a LEGAL immigrant to this country. He immigrated from Canada as a young man and would have been so proud of his beautiful great grand-babies who joined our family from the other side of the world!!!

4-My favorite ice cream flavor is.....drumroll please....VANILLA!!! How wierd is that. I just LOVE vanilla. I eat other flavors, but I usually end up back with my old faithful. Just plain ole vanilla. Okay...maybe with a little choc syrup on it or a few spoonfulls of pineapple. :-)

5-Okay...this one isn't "unspectacular", but I'm quickly running out of stuff to
My birthday is New Year's Eve...11:58 PM to be exact! Pretty cool actually!! David's birthday is 4th of July...pretty cool too.

6-um...oh...I'm an internet addict!!! Did anyone see that commercial awhile ago with the guy sitting at his computer and the screen says, "You have reached the end of the internet....go home!" That's me!!!! LOL!! that you know all sorts of fun and "unspectacular" stuff about me...I will be passing the torch along to my friend Jen. Okay's all yours ...let's hear all about you and your amazing "unspectacular" life!!!

In HIS Mighty Grip~


Debbie said...

I think you're spectacular too Shelley! Thanks for playing along. I love getting to know a little more about you.
Love, Debbie

Anonymous said...

Shellbell? You? An internet addict? I didn't see that one coming! *snickering profusely*

You and I have alot in common! My grandfather was a LEGAL immigrant from Italy! My mom was 1st generation born in the USA and I'm 2nd! Cool, huh?!

That was cool.......


lillian08 said...

Ohhhhhh Shelley - Thanks for passing the torch! I'm honored!
:o) Love you,