Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ni Hao Y'all!!

Okay...I have gotten a million emails and posts about the "Ni Hao y'all" shirt that Aly is wearing. I got them both one last year for Christmas from Cafe Press ( The back of the shirt says "Zai Jian Yall".
Doesn't EVERY little southern girl need one????? I'd say it is a staple!!!!

I also got them matching shirts that have two precious little Chinese girls on them and they say "Yes, we are sisters"

So...everyone GO...BE FREE...BUY SHIRTS...HAVE FUN!!!!
(They also have many other adoption related shirts)

Blessings and thanks for all the comments!! I really do appreciate them and read every one of them. It has been nuts these last few weeks with lots going on here so I haven't been able to respond like I would like to. Please forgive me and know that you are loved and your comments mean so much!!!

In HIS Mighty Grip~


Rachelle said...

Thanks for the post on where you got the shirts....I live in PA but I am from Texas and my daughter to be just has to have one of those shirts! =)

Bridget said...

I just wanted to let you how much I enjoy reading your blog. It is because of yours that I decided to start one for our daughter Melanie. We adopted her in July, 2005 through AWAA. She is also from the Jiangxi province. Our blog site is

lillian08 said...

My dear,
I have now ordered one for Miss Lilli... thank you very much!!! :o)
xo, Jen

AZMom said...

I LOVE the shirts and LOVE Cafe Press. What a great sense of humor you have too :-)

Susan said...

Howdy S family!
You have got to hop over and see if you can help my friend Rebecca. She has a question that I KNOW you can help with. Time is of the essence! Here's the link:
Thanks in advance!!