Friday, September 26, 2008

Officially Crib-less!!!

Well, we finally did it!!! We booted Lili out of her crib and she now is bunking with Aly in the big Queen sized bed. I don't know which one loves it more. Aly does not like to sleep alone...never has. She needs to be snuggled up to someone somehow. Lili is more than thrilled to comply!

Here are Winnie Pooh, Ruby (the rooster), Ed (the bear) and QinQin enjoying a final few moments hanging out in their crib before we take it down forever.

The girls snuggling in for the night. They were so excited to have a snuggle buddy!!

Ahhhhhh....together and finally asleep!

They have both had colds this week. I have cut out all the sweets and upped all the good foods and we have been discussing nutrition a lot this week and how it helps our bodies stay well and get well. This video is of them enjoying their dinner the other night. I love the conversation!!

Well, it is about time to do some school...see ya later!
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a Tonggu Momma said...

Woohoo!!! Lili's in a big girl bed. We booted the Tongginator out of her crib at three and out of her toddler bed at four. Can you tell she doesn't like change?

The Morris Family said...

Lili is such a big girl- love the pics of the two of them snuggling- such sweetness! Enjoy your weekend!

Eileen said...

Oh that is so sweet, the picture of them sleeping together! Awww!! Allison and Lindsey are in the same room but in separate beds. Allison has been out of her crib for over a year! She climbed out twice one day so that was that. She's been in a toddler bed but as soon as we get her a mattress/box spring she'll be in a twin bed like Lindsey.

Have a great weekend!

prechrswife said...

Way to go, Lili! Mary Joyce is still in her toddler bed right now, but we'll be moving her up to a big girl bed before the new baby gets here. :-) (On another note, I couldn't get the video to play.)

Susan said...

Cribless in Fl. Sounds like a great movie title to me! :)

We missed you at Harvest Moon tonight! Check out Angie's blog she has some pics of it..

Table for Six said...

love your site.
my girls love sleeping in the same bed too..precious.. however they have bunks..and still snuggle in a twin (i find them in the mornings)LOL
Jill S.
at Table for Six

AZMom said...

Way to go Lili! Of course if I put both my kids in the same bed, they would never sleep! I'm glad yours do!