Thursday, June 26, 2008

Go check it out...

hey everyone...stop by David's blog when you get a chance. He has several new posts that are definately worth your time in reading. He also has a new look ...he did a bit of redecorating and the clean up crew just left!!
Don't forget to shower him with comments!! :-) Don't comments just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside??
Ya'll are great by the way!!! :-)

love to all


a Tonggu Momma said...

The link to David's blog isn't working. Unless it's me. It could be me.

Anyways, today is your UNLUCKY day -- you've been tagged. (Sorry.)

Shelley said...

Thanks for letting me know about thet link. I usually check them but for some reason didn't do it this time. Anyway, it is fixed!!
Thanks for the TAG!! :-)

Sue Cramer said...

Adorable pictures!!!
When my daughter saw your girls she kept yelling.."me - me!"

Finally someone that looks like her! ;)

Dawn said...

Shelley, I have enjoyed looking at your blog.
I am just now getting to look at everyones. It is so fun. We LOVE hearing from you and I love love seeing pics of the girls.
Glad all is well. You are such a joy and inspiration. Thanks for sharing your heart.
"Chatty" Dawn

AZMom said...

Love your hubby's blog. We love cilantro too as I told him. :)