Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Inquiring minds want to know...

NO...WE HAVE NOT CLOSED ON THE *&%$^*(*&^&*** @$*# HOUSE YET!!!!

We are leaving Johnson City tomorrow after a wonderful few days spent relaxing and seeing old friends. We are heading back to Columbia and hopefully will close either tomorrow or Friday. YEAH RIGHT!!! How many times have we heard that story???? I'll believe it when I am holding that check in my hands and am on the way to the bank to cash the blasted thing!!!

I is all in God's timing!! whatever!!!!

It has been wonderful to spend this time here visiting in JC and we are looking forward to getting back home, with the house closed and FINALLY able to start our life again for the first time in so many many many months!!! that is about it.

Still don't have pictures uploaded yet, but I promise to post amazing and wonderful pictures of our amazing and wonderful children very very soon. Yes I promise to post videos too Stacey!!!!

Keep to you all!!



prechrswife said...

Hoping and praying that you are actually able to close within the next couple of days.

When you get back to FL, we have got to set up a play date. Mary Joyce keeps asking about "Awy" and "Wuwi." :-)

Anonymous said...

Shelley love your humanism! God's timing! Whatever! I had to chuckle at that. I'm sure He is too!

I remember wrapping up lose ends when my parents died. The memories that flood back. Just when you think you are "through" with grieving, something or someone reminds you of something. I hated that.

I hope and pray this SETTLEMENT is final and DONE TODAY! TODAY LORD! Please! Pretty please.......

PS, if you drive a little further north, you'll be OUR WAY! ;o)

a Tonggu Momma said...

Still praying...

lillian08 said...

OH MY!!! Shelley... Y'all will remain in our prayers!!! I got your phone message this evening. Am I terrible or what?? I am just checking my voice mail from yesterday. Don't know where I was when you called, unless I was showering. I'll try to give you a call tomorrow.
I am feeling better now & I have my appt with Dr. tomorrow to have my staples removed... wooooo-hooooo!
Thanks for posting your update... I have been thinking about y'all soooo much!! HAVE FAITH THAT THINGS WILL GET BETTER FOR YOUR PRECIOUS FAMILY!!!
Love to all of you,

AZMom said...

Oh my goodness. What a pain! I hope this time the house actually closes!!

Val said...

Ok, God, anytime now would be GREAT! :o) Hope this happens for you real soon.

Tell Aly that Sophie has baby birdies on her porch and that her mom posted pics on her blog of the ugly little things.

Looking forward to seeing you guys and huggin' your necks.