Monday, June 16, 2008

...the secret is in the sauce!!!

Okay one and all...check out this really cool new site I just found yesterday!!! Don't you hate it when people come to your blog and don't comment??? I love that people come check out our life here at the Wok, but I SOOOOOO wish they would say hello...or at least yell at me for not posting anything new in a few days!!! Anyway...that is what this blog is all about...spreading the comment love to those around us! I LOVE IT!!!!
Go check it out for yourself. There are always contests abounding, new blogs to check out and lots of love to spread.



Esther's mom said...

OK, OK, I'll comment! ;) Hope things are looking up for you. I love checking in on your girls. Esther's hair is really fast growing, she's almost 2 1/2 and has had one haircut. I wonder what makes some kids hair grow faster than others. With or without hair your girls would still be adorable!!

Anonymous said...


If I commented to you every time I came here, YOU'D BE SICK OF ME! *like you maybe already?!* LOL

You and David are a hoot!


Shelley said...

YIPEE!!!! COMMENTS!!!!!! I LOVE 'EM!!!!!
I can't believe Esther is almost 2 1/2...she and Lili are about the same age. WOW!! Time flies doesn't it?
Kristen, you are the hoot my dear! We never tire of you and the Norweigan!!! Love to you both!!

Anonymous said...

Shelley? Next time we are anywhere near Florida, we WILL stop and see you guys!!!


Shelley said...

Alright Kristen...I'll hold you to it!!! We have plenty of can stay with us. We'll have a blast!! Gosh I want to get the two Guangchang girlies together again!!

Neurotically Yours: said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment! Now, I'm off to read your archives :)

lillian08 said...

Shelley, my dear...
You KNOW I'm a "regular"!!!
Been thinking about y'all a bunch... praying for you too!
Love to you, David & the girls,
Jenny <><

AZMom said...

LOL I've been commenting ;-) Come and check out our blog ;-)

I really enjoy reading your blog!

Eileen said...

I try to comment at least half the time I visit someone's blog. I read so many it's just not possible every time, but I try!

Have a great day!

Val said...

oKAY. Now I'll slink off again.

-Bridget said...

SITS is great! It is bringing me to all kinds of great blogs, such as yours, that I wouldn't otherwise have found.