Monday, June 23, 2008

A Mommy...a Daddy ...and a Savior. Reckless Faith!

I saw this on a friends is long, but please take a few minutes to watch it and let it's powerful message imbed your very soul!!!

It is very simple...there are children all over the world who simply need a Mommy and a Daddy and a Savior!!! Can you help them with any of those three things?? Take a minute and let God speak to your heart and find out the answer for yourself!!

Okay...can be a little personal here and give you too much info? It's important..stay with me.

When we were in the process of our second homestudy...for Lili, our social worker asked me if I had dealt with my infertility issues. (She was assuming I had infertility issues by the fact that we were adopting...but I digress) Anyway, I told her that there was nothing to deal with. She argue her point, but there was no winning this one! I told her that there were NO infertility issues to deal with...not because there was or wasn't infertility but because that wasn't the point. We never saw anyone about the fact that we hadn't ever gotten pregnant, because I realized very early that my goal wasn't to get goal was to be a Mommy. I didn't need to see specialists to be a Mommy...I just needed to say yes to God and be a Mommy to a child who was already out there in the world needing someone to love them...with all of their scars, their pain, there issues, their problems and whatever else came along with them. I mean...after all...God took me on with all of my problems...he certainly didn't wait around for the "perfect" child to adopt!!

Okay...that is my soapbox for today. Please watch this video. Please pass it on. Please pray for this woman and the work she is doing. And pray for God to tell you how to get involved in some way...anyway help these children and the many other ones like them all over the world who just...need a Mommy and a Daddy and a Savior!


prechrswife said...

I haven't got time to watch the whole thing right now, but WOW! at the part that I did see. I think all the time about the fact that our oldest daughter was abandoned in a country where it is likely she would have never heard the gospel at all, and yet, now, she is here with us. What an amazing gift and responsibility God has given to us!

lillian08 said...

I am sooooo buying her book!! Thanks for blessing my heart today...
Love you,