Tuesday, January 29, 2008

what a difference a year makes!!

I was going through some old videos on my computer and found this one of Lili. This was a few hours after we got her in Nanchang. Believe it or not, she had calmed down a little by this time!!

Then I found this video of Lili taken just a few days ago as she is learning her ABC's. I still am in awe of this child! She has come so far and done so well!! We love her so!!!


Susan said...

what a difference. My stomach turned over when I watched that first one remembering those early days! Yowee. All in a year! ~ Missing the S. family.

Angie said...

WOW! I am laughing at both of these girls! They've changed so much! THeir personalities crack me up. I can hear Aly - "that was NOT an option!" The ABC video is priceless!

Give hugs from Miss Angie...and Max said to tell Bailey, "RRRUF, Ruf-Ruf, RUFF." I don't know...maybe Bailey will know what it means? :)
Love you guys!

Shelley said...

Hey Susan,
I know...YOWEE...it makes my stomach go all crazy too just remembering it! Just to hear that cry that we heard DAY AND NIGHT for so long!!!
Missing the C. family more than you know!!
love ya

Shelley said...

Miss Angie...Bailey said that she has been gone from TN too long and Max still has that "TN Mountain" accent. She couldn't quite make out the whole message, but she believes it was something to do with coming to Florida sometime this summer for a visit. :-)
love ya~