Saturday, January 5, 2008

My babies...

Just had to share this picture with you. We went out to dinner for New Years Eve, actually it was my birthday dinner. Anyway, here are the girlies looking all amazing!!!
Aly seems to always grab Lili around the neck instead of around her shoulder or body...Lili doesn't seem to mind.
Aren't they georgous??? I am in love!!!


Eileen said...

Beautiful, Shelley!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure, but I think this might be the first time I've actually seen Aly with HUGE pony tails! SHE LOOKS CUTE! (Lili's always miss cutie patootie.)

Gosh the girls are growing up so fast!!!!


Shelley said...

Hey Kristen,

Good are so right.
She has actually only had HUGE pony's for the last few months. I tell you...her hair grows so SLOWLY as far as length. It keeps getting thicker by the day though. We still have only had to have bang trims...she has never really had a real hair CUT. I think Lili is going to be just like her in the hair dept. Her hair is growing the same way Aly's did...only slower. I am glad they will make up for it with the thick hair however.
Kristen, I want you to know that I started crying when I saw Becca in your Christmas picture. Matthew is a cutie, but Becca is absolutely beautiful...I just couldn't help but cry when I saw her!!! Wow...she is going to be a knockout!!

CresceNet said...

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Anonymous said...

Shelley? I LOVE Aly's hair! We are just starting to let Rebecca's grow out again. (Remember she hacked off one side about a year ago? At daycare?!) Well, it's finally grown in and one length all around now.

I'd like to see her with longer hair! Aly too. We'll get to Lili when she gets some hair! ;o)

It's coming! It's coming!


prechrswife said...

What a precious picture! Love the smiles. (Mary Joyce is going through a not smiling for the camera phase right now, even though she is all smiles most of the time otherwise.)

Dimple Queen said...

Hi Shelley, I am a fellow Company Girl. Just stopping by to say hello! Your girls are precious. I have a friend that is in the process of her first adoption from China. She adopted an older child from Guatamala last year. They are all so excited about this little one from China! Her name is Angel...on my sidebar.

Anyway, just wanted to say hi to and meet another company girl!

God bless you!

OziMum said...

The girls DO look amazing!

Think its funny how Aly grabs her little sister round the neck... sisterly-love, hey?!!

iamnotasoccermom said...

ok well I dont think i have ever commemted on your here is my first. You have to understand that I am a newbie to this world. I love you and hope the poultice works. (i hate that word by the way. I want to cut my ears off everytime I hear myself say it)

Chris & Deb said...

Thanks for your comment on Sophie's blog. She is indeed from Tonggu! Your little Tonggu girls are so adorable too! We are still awaiting the next journey back for Sophie's Mei Mei! I will stop back again soon....sometime when it is not this late at night! Have a great week!

adam brown said...

look this is the "diet" i told you about you should really enter the site :) bye enter the site

krj said...

Thanks for saying hi! Your kids are absolutely adorable! Next time I'm over in St.A we should meet.

Take care,Kris