Tuesday, January 29, 2008

...NOT on the list!

Aly was sitting at the kitchen table working on her addition. I was washing dishes and starting dinner and checking her work. (She is brilliant...by the way!!) So Lili, who WAS playing quietly in the living room, has decided to come in an jack everything up a notch!! I told her that she could play in the kitchen if she was quiet. Well, that obviously wasn't going to happen, so I told her to go back in the living room to play. She started crying, threw herself to the floor and screamed, "BUT WHY MOMMY?" I explained to her that she was distracting Aly from her schoolwork and she needed to go find somewhere else to play. She started screaming again, so I stopped her and said, "You may stop screaming now or you may get a spanking...which is it going to be?" She stopped and took off running to the playroom to play. Aly just looked at her with a wrinkled brow and said, "Um...that option was NOT on the list!"
God help me when she turns 5!!!! :-)

Aly in her traditional Chinese head dress

Playing with Daddy on his laptop...she LOVES the laptop!!
Asleep in Daddy's recliner

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