Monday, October 29, 2007

!!!!! PARTY !!!!!!

Saturday we went to the home of some new friends for a "Dress Up Party". (Okay...a Halloween party...but we don't do Halloween, so we just called it a "dress up party".) The girlies didn't have a clue...they just had a blast! Anyway, it was a get-together for families in this area who have adopted from China. There were something like 12 families there and we really enjoyed getting to know some other families in this area.

It is such a small world...David met another Dad who knew some of his friends from SC way back when. They had fun remembering old times and talking about old friends. Then we started talking with another couple. The Mom, Dusty, asked me where my girls were from. I told her Jiangxi and she said hers was too. I asked her what orphanage her daughter was from and she said, "Oh, it's just a small SWI in the NW part of China called Tonggu" I nearly fell over...Lili is from Tonggu also!! As we kept talking, she and I both realized that we had followed each others journey's just last year. They got Mary Joyce in September and we got Lili in December. Turns out that their birthdays are only a few weeks apart. They will both be 2 this coming December!

It really is a small world...when we followed their trip, they lived in Georgia and when they followed our trip we lived in Tennessee. And now we both live about 30 minutes away from each other...what are the odds of that???

Anyway, the girls started playing together and I tell you...maybe it was my imagination, but I would swear that they knew each other. Not as in "Hey Lili...whassup? Good to see you again!" but Dusty and I watched them playing and we both felt like they remembered each other somehow. A wonderful "red-thread" moment for sure!!!!

We can't wait to get together with all of these wonderful families again very very soon!! We miss the Adoption support group that we were members of in Tennessee, and it will be good to get back in fellowship with other families again! Aly calls all Chinese girls her "China Cousins". She was so excited to make some new friends.

Enjoy some pictures from the day. Oh...Aly is dressed up as a "Fairy Ballerina" and Lili is a "Hula girl" Lili's friend, Mary Joyce (the one from her orphanage) is dressed up as a Ladybug.
Lili and Mary Joyce...together again!!
A hug goodbye...I tried to get their faces, but they both moved too quickly!!!
Aly checking out her new friends cupcake
There are more pics, but Blogger won't upload them right now, so i will try to add them tomorrow.
In HIS Mighty Grip~


OziMum said...

LOL! I was just going to ask, why Christians do Halloween in the US! Halloween isn't a big thing, here, at all. But the odd thing you see in the stores, are all witchy/monster scary stuff - and it's always amazed me why Americans, are so into it!!! I guess Australian's can't get their head around; why send your kid out, to ask strangers for sweets - when we constantly tell them, don't speak to strangers, and certainly don't accept anything from a stranger!!!!

Anyway, was glad to hear you don't do Halloween, but enjoyed fun dress ups!!! Dare I say, you actually think like me?!!!

Jennifer said...

ozimum, I was just thinking the same thing this evening while handing out candy at my cousin's house.

I'm not planning to do the halloween thing with Zoe, but Tim feels differently than me. I just want to do the right thing and the pressure is getting pretty tough. If I end up giving in at all, I plan to have her dress up as something that doesn't have anything to do with death or evil things, then only take her to family member's houses to show off her costume.

What do you think? HELP!


Shelley said...

Hey Ladies,
That is kind of where we are. We had originally planned to stay away from it in any way shape or form, but then it just seems so unrealistic. I mean, we don't carve a pumpkin and we don't give out candy and we don't go trick or treating, but we are okay with doing the church fall festival or the church "halloween alternative" thing. We don't do scary costumes and all. We talk about halloween and what it means and why we don't "do that" etc...that is our thought on it. Hope that helps.
You are right Lee-Anne...Halloween has become and American obsession in the last few years. It is really crazy!!!

Sue @ praise & coffee said...

So cute!!!!

Val said...

Cute about her "China cousins." It reminds me of one time we were sitting at a table at some kind of get-together. We introduced ourselves to the people across the table, and I said, "My name is Valerie, I'm from Maryland." Sophie pipes up, "And this is Ava, and she's from China." She's starting to get the connection. :o)

prechrswife said...

Love the pictures! I'm so glad yours turned out because I couldn't manage to get their faces. :-) Looking forward to getting our Tonggu girls together again soon.