Thursday, November 1, 2007

I didn't do it!!

I wish that I had a hidden camera in the girls room...I would have caught some really fun stuff this morning. I'm not sure what actually happened, but the view when I came in the room was priceless!!

I had just come out of my bedroom and was chatting with Jennifer online (BTW...we are all hoping for their referral for Zoe Mei today...pray that they don't lose their minds while they wait!!) Anyway, I heard Lili start crying. So off I went to their room, expecting to find Aly with the lights on or the sound conditioner off or half in the crib or some other offense designed to wake up Lili from her slumber and drive ME to the edge of insanity. As I opened the door I found Lili still asleep but crying and Aly standing next to her crib with her hands up as if to say, "I didn't do it" I said, "Aly!" she replied, "I didn't touch her...I didn't do anything!!!

I realized that Lili was just crying out, as she sometimes does, in her sleep. She rolled over and went right back to sleep. Aly just shook her head and headed for the bathroom. So unfairly judged...poor kid!!!


Kaylei Elizabeth Ling said...

I happened to see your comment on Jennifer's blog. Kaylei (our daughter) and Faith (Tina's daughter) were both in Guangchang SWI. We traveled with Faith's family and the girls are only 1 day apart. Is that where your daughter is from?


Jennifer said...

Hi, Becky! You'll like visiting this blog. It's a hoot!


Shelley said...

Hey Becky,
Aly is from Guangchang as well. She was born Dec 29th, 2003. Jennifer gave me the link to Tina's site and I do remember them. I will definately go check out yours too!!
good to hear from you!!

Kooky said...

Hmmmm, those Guangchang girls! Always getting the "raw" end of the deal?! LOL *not*

Too cute Shelley! Glad you guys are settled down in FL! When's the vacation? *when can we come down?* :o)