Wednesday, November 21, 2007

For those of you visiting from Canada or across the pond, I know you won't be celebrating with us, but even so, I'm sure you have much to be thankful for in your own lives...I know I do!!
As I look back on the last year in the Swindler household, I am blown away by the changes, but there is no question of the blessings God has given to our family. We have a new member of our family this year...that is where our focus is. We have two beautiful daughters and for that we are most grateful to our Heavenly Father for entrusting them to us!
Thank you for stopping by to check in on our family. We appreciate all the kind words and comments.
Have a very very happy Thanksgiving!!!!
In HIS Mighty Grip


OziMum said...

Happy Thanksgiving Swindler Family!

I wish we had thanksgiving here, it sounds so good, and you actually get to stop and reflect on what there is to be truly thankful for.

I'll always be thankful for your wonderful first website, Allys adoption - I have pages of info from your website, alone!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Shellbell! David, Aly, Lily, Bailey and Shelley's dad...... Just wanted to say HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Thank goodness it's getting colder tonight, so it will "feel" like Thanksgiving, but now? It's almost 60 degrees. (oy)

Be blessed! Love ya guys.....
Kristen & Roy, Rebecca and Matthew, Oliver, Olivia, Poodie and Charlie

Susan said...

Happy Turkey day a bit late. We went to Meadowview and let them make the turkey this year. It was yummy and best of all, no clean up! Don't you know how long it takes to make a thanksgiving dinner only to be devoured in a matter of moments???! Well, hope yours was wonderful. I know it was also a tough one for all of you. Miss you. Hard to believe another year has passed. S.