Monday, October 22, 2007

The Sleeping Princess awakens...

Okay, so if you read David's blog about his Sleeping Princess, you know that Aly has been sleeping in her own bed now for the past three nights. He has been having a rough time of it, and she has been doing...well... okay. I have been putting her to bed and I have had to work at it to convince her that it is okay. It hasn't been too bad, but she has become obsessed with 1- missing me during the night 2-what if she has to go to the bathroom 3-how will she go to the bathroom when she gets older and is too big to sit on the potty insert and/or how will she brush her teeth when she is too big to use the step stool anymore. (Somehow she has grasped the concept that as she gets bigger/older, the things around her are appearing smaller!! Crazy...I know, but she gets it!!) Anyway, she has stayed in bed all night until last night. About 5am this morning she came running into the room calling for me. She jumped up into the bed and snuggled down between me and her Daddy. Then she floored me by saying, "Mommy, please pray...pray HARD for me!" I asked her if she had a bad dream and she had. Poor little thing...I felt so badly for her. I prayed for her and she was asleep in a short few minutes. I know you are wondering...we let her stay!! What are you gonna do??
I think if Daddy is truthful, he was a little happy to have her back kicking him in the kidney's for at least a few short hours!!
Here are some pictures from her first night in her new bed...
Okay...well this is Lili and she obviously had NO problem going to sleep in her crib. She just covers her head up and goes to sleep. Period...end of sentence!!! FINALLY...she sleeps!!!!
Aly getting her bed all ready that afternoon. There was great anticipation and lots of stuffed animals!!!
"Oh Daddy...I thought it was going to be easier!" (yep...that is really what she said) She cried and David melted and then...

happiness bubbled forth...all is right with the world...she was back in
Mommy and Daddy's bed!!!!
Oy is going to be fun breaking this habit :-)


OziMum said...

Isn't it just heart-melting to know that your young children already have a concept that God is the answer?! Harry is the same. He has bad dreams often, and always asks me to pray, then he says a prayer!

Shelley said...

Hey Lee-Anne,
Yes it is so comforting to me. Tonight she asked me to pray twice just to make sure that God heard me the first time. I love it!!!
How old is your Harry?