Saturday, October 20, 2007

Lookout world...He finally did it!!!!! all your husbands to the computer!! David has finally started his blog. By all accounts so far, it promises to be a wonderful adventure. I jokingly told him that he is going to have MASS readership as EVERYONE loves his writing. I still, to this day, get wonderful comments about the online journal he kept during our first trip to China. Let's face it...he is just has an amazing gift to express himself with the written word!!!
Anyway, go check it out for yourself and let him know how happy you are to have him finally blogging!!


Susan said...

Tell him I was 'there'! I forgot my 'google' password and fought w/ the comment section for a while and then thought I'd just say hi over here! Soon, his blog will have an awesome following! And to think,,, we knew him back when! :) ~S.
PS- John slept w/ us and we so identify w/ the bonding that you get when you sleep w/ your child. Now we have snuggle time in his own bed and tonight he told me to just put E'beth in her crib (don't rock her) and come right back to snuggle w/ him. hummm. I asked him if he would enjoy just being put in a crib without rocking when he was 2. He at least thought abt. it.
PSS- I miss your lime

Shelley said...

Hey Susan! I will pass your comment along to His Highness.

Aly did fine again in her own bed last night, but it was again really hard on David. He will do fine in the end!!

I will probably go back to the green before it is all said and done...I just needed a change! :-)


OziMum said...

So can chicks read it too? Or is it all manly?!!!

Shelley said...

Hey Lee-Anne, You can read it too!! Stop by and check it out

Anonymous said...


THANKS again and again for sharing!


sarahb said...

Now that another "chick" admitted it I have to admit to reading and enjoying David's blog also. (did not comment - didn't want to seem like a groupie!!) I will have to show it to Rich. I am sure he will enjoy.