Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Lili is becoming quite the little teenager...even at two. Oh yes!! She can turn on a dime and lay any of us lower than the basement when she gets it in her mind to do so. It is quite amusing to watch her tell us what she does and doesn't want to do on any given day in any given situation. What is funniest about it is that she actually thinks we will say something along the lines of..."Oh...I'm don't have to if you don't want to." Boy...are we in for fun with this one!!
Aly derives such pleasure in aggravating Lili to no end. Even so, Lili finds a way to make her presence known...especially to Aly.
Take today for example...Aly was finishing her breakfast while Aly and I were learning the 10 commandments. We were up to the 4th commandment when Lili finally finished her breakfast. She said, "Momma, I want to learn too!" Hey...nothing like a willing student right?? Anyway, I began to help her learn the commandments and right on cue...Aly had to stick something in her face and aggravate her! I was about to reprimand Aly, but Lili took care of it all by her little two year old self. She snapped that hand up to Aly in her best Supremes "Stop in the name of Love" hand motion and bellowed, "DO YOU MIND??!!" I'M TRYING TO LEARN MY COMMAMADENTS!"
I love to watch this little one come into her own and take command of her little world!!

~Oh Father God...what wonderful personalities and traits you have given our
girls... help us to PLEASE channel the little queen so that her kingdom doesn't
crash down around her. I can't wait to see what your plans are for our
babies...give us wisdom so that we can help them to learn what you want them to
learn so that they are prepared for your plans!!!~

My friend Ann said this...
"how do we teach our children to lose their lives so that they may find
them? Jesus whispers the answer:
'It is enough that a disciple be like his teacher' Matthew 10:24
Jesus was the first model...and now we live as the model to our next
What will it profit my children to gain the whole world of knowledge yet
lose their own souls?
There is only one thing necessary...
That I lead my children into a closer communion with Christ. That I
make the way for them to spend time at his feet. That I amd the matchmaker
between my children and the lover of their souls! One Thing-

In HIS Mighty Grip~


a Tonggu Momma said...

Lili sounds so much like the Tongginator at two... watch out!!!! :)

The Morris Family said...

Oh my word! Those girls of yours. Smart... Hilarious... Beautiful...
Look out world!
Thanks for sharing some of your precious moments Shelley!


prechrswife said...

These Tonggu girls are a force to be reckoned with, aren't they? :-)