Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Two Year Old Update

I thought that I would take this opportunity to catch you up on all things that she is two and plotting her take-over of the world!! She has been in secret meetings all week with her partners in should be quite the coup!!
Seriously though...our little two year old is just amazing. Although she still goes by "Tiger Lili" (remember our trip to China????) she has definately refined the image a bit! She is still my "sensitive child" and gets her feelings hurt at the drop of a hat. And she can also throw a temper tantrum like NOBODY'S business!!! She is starting to realize that "It ain't workin" so it really is kind of funny to watch her throw herself to the floor and then glance back up at us to see if it helped her cause any. Then she will throw in an Eye-roll for good measure. Too Funny!!!

Lili has some sort of thing for her sisters shoes. She takes hers off as soon as we come in the door, but will walk around all day in Aly's shoes. She LOVES them!! Of course they are also usually on the wrong foot! :-) But, hey!!

I'm not sure how she could walk with the thingy between the wrong toes!! OUCH She didn't seem to mind at all.

She has finally discovered the joys of the playground. For the longest time she would go to the park or playground and she *might* join in on something, but she was usually scared and just wanted to sit it out. Well, things have definately changed. She climbs, slides, runs, romps and plays with the best of 'em now! She is still terrified of the swing, but I suspect that will fall by the wayside soon too.

Her new buddy from the park

Aly is always dragging her somewhere!

This is at Chick-Fil-A. She got up in that little car overhead and refused to come down. Every time I would tell her to, she would just laugh and giggle and ignore me!! Yeah...real funny...ha ha!!

I have a video of her climbing this thing. It is a hoot! She just loved it. I was waiting for her to break her neck at any moment!!

We took the girls to look at some christmas lights in our neighboorhood last night and Lili was beside herself trying to see it all. Christmas should be a lot of fun. She loves the lights, the Santa's , the trees and it all!!

Well, that is about it from Lili-land today. We are off to the chiropractor today...PRAISE GOD!!!!! I'll will try to post some more later

In HIS Mighty Grip~


Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

How cute... put the money aside... seems there is going to be a shoe fetish...

prechrswife said...

Okay, this post is eerie... :-)

You could have been describing Mary Joyce:

1. She does the shoe thing, too. :-) No big sister, but she plays with hers, and mine, and her daddy's.

2. She hates swings, but loves the rest of the playground. (Actually, we've found out that she can balance herself in a regular swing if you don't push too high, but she detests the baby swings at the park.)

3. She, too, has gotten stuck in the very top of the Chik-fil-A playground equipment.

Something about those Tonggu girls!