Tuesday, December 11, 2007

ARGH!! Trying to remember YOU ARE GOOD post...

Okay...so the bad news...my computer has apparently crashed!!! Won't boot...looks like we will be on the phone for a while...a good LONG while with "Bob" in India!! But...the good news...David got the MAXIMUM coverage on this computer when we bought it...so we are covered basically no matter what!!! I knew I loved that guy for something other than his good looks!!! If he had only bought Google stock in 04 when we wanted to!! He always gets these "small voice in the back of his head" moments about stuff. It ALWAYS works out...except for when he doesn't listen to that "small voice in the back of his head"
So, I will check in on my email occasionally on David's laptop. See ya when "Bob" gets me up and running again!! :-)

In HIS Mighty Grip

PS...when you get a chance, go check out the "Company Girls" link on the right. Well, it isn't a link, but the address is listed there. Anyway, Rachel Anne is such a blessing and you will love her site!!!

Bye-Bye...off to call "Bob"


Rachel Anne said...

Hey Shelley! I'm TRYING to get my blogroll done...how fun to see the Company Girls button!!! Yea!

I share your computer frustrations....argh is right.

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Hope you get the computer up and running right... never thought I would see the day when I would be lost without mine... lol... remember the day when you never had one...