Sunday, October 16, 2011

Smiles... are a few of the amazing smiles that I am FORCED to look at and admire each and every day of my life. Am I blessed or what??

Not sure if she was cold or just posing...but I love that smile either way!
                                      's not snowing in Florida...the girls are enjoying running through the falling pear blossoms.

Here is the princess hiding under the bleachers at a track meet for Aly and her GA group from church. She had more fun running from one end to the other...ALL DAY!!!

...but when she broke out from under the bleachers...boy did she break out!!!

Why...she looks positively Chinese in this picture!!!!  Make no mistake...she is All American!!!
                                                     This child loves to have more fun than just about anyone I know..she does EVERYTHING with extra gusto...smiling and crying!!!

 Wearing her Great Grandfather's beret with love. So beautiful!!

Field Day with our Homeschool Co-op. Everyone else was having fun playing games and such together...what was Lili doing???  Manning the water spigot and having the time of her life getting SOAKED!!! She had a BLAST!!!!!

Easter Sunday...Aly's Baptismal day. I'll post more pictures of that later.

I love that little smirk she does...she does it all the time and it makes me smile!!!
                                                                                                       My sunshine!                                            
My oh my...look how they are growing
I hope you have wonderful dreams in your princess gowns that Daddy bought you!!!!  You look so beautiful!!!!
We have a recognition night each year at our homeschool co-op. Lili was so excited!! She received a certificate of completion from Kindergarten and also a certificate of completion for the Presidental Physical Fitness program.  This was also BEFORE she got into the blue cake!! :-)

Aly with her certificate of completion from Second Grade and her certificate of completion for the Presidental Physical Fitness program.

And this would be AFTER she got into the blue cake!!!! I think she enjoyed this part of the evening the most!!!!
I don't know how she sits like this...she sits this way at the school table and in the kitchen at the table.  She is usually hanging off of the edge of the stool by her toes. Aly does it must be a Chinese thing!!!
So precious...even without her teeth!!! LOL
Um...this is Bailey (our dog) and Lili. Technically they are not smiling, but they definately are sleeping...okay, so this makes ME smile!!!!  Can you see the dog? I mean seriously...can you see how she is twisted??? She is a nut!!!

My beautiful little 1st grader!!! We were getting ready to go to Co-op and she asked me to take her picture. She had to twist my arm...really hard. I finally gave in and took about 20 along with a video.
 Fear not, for I am with you; I will bring your offspring from the east, and from the west I will gather you.   Isaiah 43:5  

In HIS Mighty Grip~

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Esther's mom said...

Love all the new pictures. Glad you got a working laptop. Your girls are gorgeous! Missed you guys this summer.