Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Brace yourself...it's catch up time!!!

Alrighty then...let's get to it!!!  I have a lot of pics to show...hope you enjoy this installment.

It was handwork day in school back in May. This is Lili learning to do a running stitch. I think she sewed on a button as well. Good job baby!!

Aly working hard on her latch hook rug thingy. It took her awhile to get the hang of it, but once she got it...she got it!!

"Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with all thy might..." Ecl 9:10

 I love this...Lili was trying to get away from David and the water hose, but Aly was there to make sure she got good and wet!! They had such fun that afternoon. The pool wasn't open yet and this was the first day that it was warm enough to play in the water hose.  Sisters...I am so thankful that they have each other...God was so gracious to bless them with that gift!!
Too beautiful...just too beautiful!!! We came across that beret in the cedar chest...it belonged to MY grandfather. He wore them all the time in the winter. Well, Lili has fallen in love with them and they look SO beautiful on her! My Papa would be so happy that his Great grandbaby wears them!!

Lili and Gabriella on a Co-op trip back in the spring. We spent the afternoon on the Sightseeing boat all up and down the Bayfront in St. Augustine. Such fun!!!

Co-op field day at the park.This was back in April I think.  My poor baby...she gets so very hot and just sweats BUCKETS!  It is a challenge to keep her well hydrated during the summer months. But she sure has fun in the process!!!

My funny little bunny...the girls have more fun with their imaginations and their Legos!!!!  Here is Lili roasting a Lego marshmallow over her Lego fire!!!! I half expected an edible Smore to come out of the whole ordeal!!

Aly loves to make muffins!!! Every chance she gets!!!!

The girls with Aunt Babs at the Easter Egg hunt at church.  I'm not too sure about those faces they are making...but they sure did have a good time. They are both probably having a total sugar high!!!!!

David came to homeschool Co-op and taught a macrame class. You go Daddy Man!!

I am so proud of my babies!! Lili had begun to read as of the spring, but Aly spent so much time with her this summer honning her mad skills!!!!  Boy did she do well. She is now my second crazy reading gal...they are both totally insatiable!!!  
Lili performing in her Spring musical for Kids Praise at church. So precious!!!!!

Here we are at Aly's awards dinner for her GA's group at church. Lili had been as good as she was going to be and this is what we were left with. LOL I about died when I looked and saw her sitting like this!!! My little Monkey girl~

You GO GIRL!!!! She got a medal for Bible memorization!!!!  
Okay...so that it is for this installment of "How the Wok Sizzles" Tune in tomorrow for more of the last year in the life of the Wild Noodles!!!!!

In HIS Mighty Grip~

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I love it Baby!!! You keep it up!! BUH