Sunday, October 9, 2011

I have a really good explanation!!!

I know...I know... has been since the beginning of the year since I posted...worse yet, it was the previous spring since I posted before that!!!! I really do have a good reason. goes.

My computer was full...literally FULL. I couldn't upload any!! now I have a new laptop with LOTS more space. I got it this summer, but then we lost the cable to connect to the camera so that we could upload the photos from the camera to the laptop. In the meantime...we just kept buying more memory cards!!! LOL I think we have 4 that are about full?? I just uploaded one of them to my laptop last night and it had over 900 photos!!!!

David finally found the cable yesterday!!! WHOO HOOO Of course it will take me the better part of 2012 to get caught up. But...I am so thankful to have finally found the cable!!!!
Please be patient with me as I am WELL out of the habit of blogging. Hopefully it will be easier with the laptop...portability ya know!!!
We have started back to school this year. Aly is in 3rd grade and Lili is my big 1st grader!!! Can you believe it???
Lili working on that 100's chart
Aly soaking up everything...
Studying hard...
Lili started reading last year , but Aly really worked with her over the summer and made lots of progress. Now they have a shared passion!
They have another shared love...
Chinese Checkers!!

I have lots and lots and lots more pictures to share. I'll get them posted soon...I promise!!!!
Oh...I have to share one more picture from this summer...
This is Aly with her pet, Thor!!!! No, is not her pet and I have no idea what his name is. Although I am sure he would tell me his name... with his deep cigar tainted voice!! The girls were out at the pool swiming with David and they found this mutant. Personally I would have run screaming into the house...but Aly looks pretty calm. Go figure.
Okay...more coming very soon!!!!
In HIS Mighty Grip~

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Hooray for blog updates! Love the pictures!