Wednesday, April 28, 2010

hello? Hello??? Anyone there???? I know that it has been MONTHS since I posted last...all I can say is...SORRY!!!!

I promise to get a big post together with a LOT of photos. It has been kind of crazy around here and there were other priorities and well, I just never got around to posting!!! are a couple of pictures to tide you over...

I told you it has been a little crazy around here!!!

My georgous China Babe...okay, so this was taken back in February during our Chinese New Year celebration...but I just had to share. Isn't she beautiful?? She is just as beautiful inside!!

I'm not sure who this is...some random kid playing in my front is Aly!!! How on earth did this gal get so grown up??? *SIGH* When I see how much she has grown from that little 20lb butterball we brought home from China I am just so humbled. She is truly an amazing child and I catch my breath each day with her!

I stand amazed that God blessed and entrusted us with these two amazing creatures!! So beautiful, so smart, so very different from each other, and so totally sisters!!

"...and all of your children shall be taught of the Lord and great shall be

the peace of your children." Habakkuk 2:2



prechrswife said...

Glad to see you posting again! I've still got some catching up to do with my blog, too. Where does all of the time go? I'll be looking forward to the pictures.

Esther's mom said...

Both girls are gorgeous! Ally looks so tall and grown up!

Shelley said...

Dusty- I don't know where the time goes...I kept saying, "Oh I need to post that!" I never did and now it is three months later!!! ARGH!

Huddle- that picture of Aly really struck me. She looks so long and lanky and graceful and GROWN UP!!!

Wow...they grow up so fast don't they? How are you guys doing?


Stacey Sawicki said...

Wow! David and Shelley- you must be sooooo proud of those girls! They are GIRLS now- all grown up.... just beautiful! I saw your comment below about Aly looking so tall and you are NOT KIDDING! I just can't believe how quickly time goes by and how they grow up so fast!! Can't wait to see more pics!! Hope you all are well!!

Karen said...

Great to see your update and of course se the photos of your little beauties! (who are growing up so quickly!)

Blessings to you all!

PS thanks for sharing the link to "As a mom"- I am joining...

Anonymous said...

I was wondring where you went! I love reading blogs as I am an adoptive mom as well. My little 6 year old comes from Jiangxi!