Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fun times!!!

Sunday afternoon our friends Eileen and Joe came over with their kids to spend the afternoon swimming with us . We were having a blast when someone suggested that we should go up to Clark's Fish Camp for dinner. So......Everyone piled out of the pool, got dressed and off we went!! Boy...was that a GREAT idea!! We had so much fun!!! We had never been there before, but we WILL be going back!! Enjoy the pictures~

Sorry for the foggy pics. It was so very muggy outside and I had just stepped out of the air conditioned car. Anyway, I was trying to get a good pic of the girls in front of the place, but Lili wouldn't cooperate.

We tried again, but then she went from "non-cooperative" to "non-compliance". Rather...she started to pout!! I just LOVE it when she pouts!!! NOT

Finally Alyson decided to help by forcing her to smile!! Lili still refused to smile but everyone standing there in the parking lot was smiling and laughing from ear to ear!!! :-)

Aly, Lili, their friends Sarah and Elizabeth posing in front of one might big stuffed cat!!! The whole place is full of 'em!!! (Check out the link for some more pics )

Joe, Eileen and their beautiful daughters Sarah and Elizabeth.

The Swindler Tribe...

Lili had to check out the catfish we were bringing home to Poppi (my dad)

Lili after she got to taste the catfish we were bringing home to Poppi!!

This was the view right over our heads...I kept waiting for Tarzan to swing through!!

The camp is right on the banks of the St. Johns River and this time of year they get a good bit of flooding. This day was no exception. Only a few hours before we arrived, the majority of the place was flooded. They seem to take it all is stride as it is pretty normal for them. When you pull up to the front you literally either go straight on into the water or take a sharp left into the parking lot!

Anyway, thanks Joe and Eileen for the really really fun evening and the

reat company!! We had a ball!!

Oh...that reminds me. Quick Lili story...When we got home it was late and the sky was very clear and we stood in the driveway for a few minutes looking at the most amazing display of stars in the sky. Lots of oooohs and ahhhhhs and finally Lili said, "'s darker than chocolate out here!!" I love that little little wombat!!!

Have a great Friday!

In HIS Mighty Grip


David said...

I love that little wombat and her monkey sister!!

Sarah said...

Your girls are super cute!

Shelley said...

Thanks Sarah!!